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Tyee Poll: Are You Hopeful About 2017?

You might be glad that 2016 is over, especially after Tyee spin doctor Steve Burgess gave us an alphabetical catalogue of its bummers, from alt-right to Aleppo, Brexit to Bowie, Trudeau the younger to Trump.

(Read the full A-to-Z here. Have tissues handy.)

Will 2017 be better? Or is the worst ahead of us? After all, this year was coloured by aggressive nationalism and xenophobia.

We’d like to know if you’re hopeful at all about 2017. And don’t worry if you can’t answer yes or no. “I don’t know” is a perfectly acceptable answer in these times, though we’d love for you to tell us why and what’s on your mind.

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Please note that Tyee Barometer polls are only intended as a quick and engaging non-scientific snapshot of our readers' opinions on various topics that fit with The Tyee's very broad editorial mandate. They are not intended to be seen as a representative sampling of BC opinion.

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