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Afghanistan's Hidden Heroes


Terry Glavin, supported by the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee and the Funders Network for Afghan Women, visits Afghanistan to write stories about human rights activists, young lawyers, women building alliances of entrepreneurs, teachers, soccer players, anti-poverty activists and other unsung heroes trying to piece society together after 30 years of war.

In This Series



The Story behind the Afghan 'Heroes' Stories

Terry Glavin on his effort to chronicle a war-wracked nation's rebuilders.

By Terry Glavin, 15 Apr 2010



Makay Siawash, Unsung Hero

Every month in Afghanistan another 60 are killed or wounded by mines. She cares for the survivors.

By Terry Glavin, 15 Apr 2010



Zabi Majidi, Rebuilding the Heart of Kabul

After decades of war, much of the old city of Kabul has been reduced to rubble. This architect is helping bring it back to life.

By Terry Glavin, 16 Apr 2010



Mohammed Ishaq Faizi, Afghan Rights Pioneer

Can sharia law be reconciled with international human rights law? This legal activist is working on it.

By Terry Glavin, 22 Apr 2010



Afza Hosa, Mother to 29 Afghan Orphans

In a nation where two million children are without parents, she found her calling.

By Terry Glavin, 23 Apr 2010


Raziea Rasoul, Afghani soccer player

Yasameen and Raziea, Afghan Soccer Heroes

They dared to do what Canadian girls can do every day: kick a ball and strive to be great.

By Terry Glavin, 29 Apr 2010



Sohaila, Idealist in a Land Driven Mad by War

Where two out of three suffer post-traumatic stress, the need for her therapy never ends.

By Terry Glavin, 30 Apr 2010



Pursuing His Slain Cousin's Calling, Journalism

At 21, Baktash Muqim accepts the risks. In Afghanistan, professional reporters are under constant threat.

By Terry Glavin, 6 May 2010



She Dodged Prison to Help Poor Women Read

Shamsia Sharifi opened a secret school, until two teachers were caught and jailed by Taliban.

By Terry Glavin, 7 May 2010



Out of Their Cellars, into Business

Meet Mah Jan, Sharifa, Mahbooba and Marzia. In post-Taliban Afghanistan, they're proving the liberating power of microfinance.

By Terry Glavin, 13 May 2010


Afghan girl Majabeen

'I Am Not Scared to Come to Canada'

Majabeen, an orphan teen in Kabul, has a plan. Study medicine here, then 'come back and support my Afghan people.' Last of a series.

By Terry Glavin, 14 May 2010

Real Cities Give Their People Places to Pee

Public washrooms should be plentiful and accessible, says one scholar. And cities that do flush, flourish.

By Christopher Cheung