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Tyee Poll: Is the NDP Radical Enough? Or Should It Go Full Regina Manifesto?

This week, Tristan Hughes argued that the NDP’s drift from its roots is the source of its present troubles.

Hughes wrote about the radical origins of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, the precursor to the NDP, noting that the party committed to eradicating capitalism and “put into operation the full programme of socialized planning”— as highlighted in the CCF’s founding document, the 1933 Regina Manifesto.

That plan is long dead and buried, and in its place, Hughes argued, stands a party whose moderate-leaning leadership clings to the legacy of enlightened liberals like Tommy Douglas and whose platform drifts to the least offensive positions.

That position, Hughes writes, is the reason for the “left’s descent into decrepitude.”

What do you think? Is the NDP already radical enough? Or should it go full Regina Manifesto?

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