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Tyee Poll: After Mass Data Breach, How’s Your Relationship with Facebook?

Someone let the data out of the bag.

Investigations by the New York Times, the Observer and Channel 4 News in the UK revealed that Cambridge Analytica (CA) — a data mining/analysis strategic communications company — used personal information acquired from Facebook, without permission, by a Cambridge academic who claimed to be collect the data for research purposes. It was later revealed that the academic, Aleksandr Kogan, has had previous unreported ties with a Russian university.

According to a note by Facebook, the social media giant knew that Kogan’s data had been shared with CA, but did not tell users.

The Observer revealed that 50 million users’ personal data was harvested.

Facebook’s stock prices have dropped. Critics have called for more regulation, and there’s even a social media campaign to #DeleteFacebook.

Investigations are ongoing, but we’re wondering how you’re handling this. (And we know it's ironic to have a poll, but we promise we're not selling your answers to Trump.)

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