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Tyee Poll: Do You Agree That Vancouver Needs a Comprehensive Plan for Its Waterfront?

Did you know that only 24 per cent of City of Vancouver’s waterfront trails are soft surface? This is a major issue because during times of increased storms surges, soft surfaces are better than hard ones at reducing the damaging impacts of storms. If Vancouver had a comprehensive plan for its waterfront, the long-term impacts of surface types (and many other elements) would be considered in planning, development and maintenance of the waterfront.

Georgia Strait Alliance is leading a collaborative city-wide discussion, called the Waterfront Initiative, about what Vancouverites want and need for the future of the city’s waterfront. To celebrate all that is wonderful about Vancouver’s waterfront, they are hosting Water’s Edge Day on Sat., Sept. 30, in Vanier Park. For more information on this free, activity-filled, family-friendly event, click here.

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