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Christopher Pollon

Christopher Pollon

Christopher Pollon is a Vancouver-based independent journalist who reports on the politics of natural resources, focusing on energy, mines and oceans. His work has appeared in The Walrus, Reader’s Digest, The Globe and Mail, National Geographic Books and many more. He has been a feature writer and contributing editor of The Tyee since 2008.

Twitter: @C_Pollon

Stories by Christopher Pollon


What to Do with Our Remaining Natural Gas

‘The idea that there is going to be a big mega project like Petronas was nothing but a pipe dream.’

By Christopher Pollon, 6 Oct 2017


Tapping ‘Patient Capital’ to Fund Affordable Rental Housing

New models tap socially conscious investors seeking fair returns and a better community.

By Christopher Pollon, 26 Jul 2017


If the Next BC Government Cares About Renters, Here’s What It Will Do

Four quick fixes that will make housing more affordable and improve life for renters.

By Christopher Pollon, 9 Jun 2017


Four Ways to Fill the Rental Housing Gap

Tap foreign capital, maintain aging apartments, tax windfall housing profits and zone for rentals.

By Christopher Pollon, 6 Jun 2017


Affordable Purpose-Built Rental Doesn’t Have to Be Mission Impossible

Case studies show it can be done.

By Christopher Pollon, 15 May 2017


Who’s Getting Site C Contracts? And How Much Have They Given the BC Liberals?

We looked at 51 companies offering services to BC Hydro for the dam.

By Christopher Pollon, 6 May 2017


What’s Changed on the Ground Since the Mount Polley Mine Disaster?

Not enough, say critics, who call for a judicial inquiry into the state of mining regulation in BC.

By Christopher Pollon, 12 Apr 2017


Time to End the Capital Gains Giveaway to Canadian Homeowners?

This week’s federal budget is a chance to bring tax fairness to Canadian renters.

By Christopher Pollon, 21 Mar 2017


The Big Give: How Owners Got Rich, and Renters Didn’t

These nine graphs show how government widened the wealth gap between Canadians who rent, and Canadians who own a home.

By Christopher Pollon, Christopher Cheung and Chris Wood, 22 Feb 2017


Imagining City Life After the Car

Our love affair with the private vehicle is waning. Does it still deserve a third of our urban living space?

By Christopher Pollon, 19 Jan 2017


Can We Be Gentle with Density?

Many housing experts say yes. Here are at least four ways.

By Christopher Pollon, 6 Dec 2016


Peace River Valley, Sacrifice Zone

An exclusive excerpt from ‘The Peace in Peril: The Real Cost of the Site C Dam.’

By Christopher Pollon, 14 Nov 2016


One Simple Idea to Stop ‘Renovictions’

Let the original tenants come home — at their old rent.

By Christopher Pollon, 19 Oct 2016


The Lure and Challenge of Clean Power for Remote Reserves

Some First Nations are dumping diesel for wind, solar and hydro. Hartley Bay is still hoping. Last of two.

By Christopher Pollon, 22 Mar 2016


In Hartley Bay, a Four-Decade Fight to Dump Diesel Continues

One of Canada's wettest places just can't seem to get its hydro on. First of two.

By Christopher Pollon, 21 Mar 2016


The Scallop Farmer's Acid Test

How more CO2 in BC waters has a shellfish industry fighting for its future.

By Christopher Pollon, 23 Nov 2015


Climate Change vs. Crescent Beach

One BC town's war against the rising sea and so-called 'king tides.' Part of new 'Climate Change Gets Personal' series.

By Christopher Pollon, 11 Nov 2015


Feds Sidestep Law to Let BC's Biggest Fishery Sell Catch as Farm Feed

Industry asks for legal exception after Russian embargo drops bottom out of market for Pacific hake.

By Christopher Pollon, 5 Aug 2015


Fishermen Offered $20,000 Compensation for Proposed Salmon Farms

Aquaculture and shrimp-by-trawl fishery can coexist, says Grieg Seafood spokesman.

By Christopher Pollon, 10 Jul 2015


Inside an Unfolding Toxic 'Marine Disaster' on BC's Coast

Stunning video bolsters emergency appeals from First Nations that province, feds, owner finally clean up pollution threat.

By Christopher Pollon, 3 Jan 2015


Critical Offshore Weather Stations Dead for Six Months

Seafarers push for fix, citing heightened risks in storm-wracked BC waters.

By Christopher Pollon, 29 Nov 2014


In Polley's Wake, Downstream Alaska Fears BC's Mining Boom

Tag along with the fishermen whose livelihood depends on watersheds that cross borders.

By Christopher Pollon, 1 Nov 2014


Welcome to Peak Copper

It's not far off. So, why aren't there more operations like this one in BC's north? Fifth in a series.

By Christopher Pollon, 28 Mar 2014


The Monumental Copper Disconnect

Billions to mine, refine and assemble into products that last maybe a year or so? Last in a series.

By Christopher Pollon, 28 Mar 2014


Cell Phones, Brought to You by BC Copper via China

Home to Apple's Foxconn plant, Kunshan is China's Silicon Valley. But for how long? Fourth in a series.

By Christopher Pollon, 27 Mar 2014


Where Copper Meets Fire

Naoshima Island in Japan is a surreal melting pot of BC metal and fine art. Third in a series.

By Christopher Pollon, 26 Mar 2014


Betting at the Copper Casino

That would be Vancouver's mining district, where BC's future is low-grade and high-risk. Second in a series.

By Christopher Pollon, 25 Mar 2014


The Resurrection of Copper Mountain

Copper mining is back from the dead near Princeton. But who's in charge?

By Christopher Pollon, 24 Mar 2014


Travels with Copper (with INTERACTIVE MAP)

Tyee contributing editor Christopher Pollon criss-crossed the Pacific on the trail of BC copper. Here's why.

By Christopher Pollon, 24 Mar 2014


Tailings Dump at the Red Chris Mine: Will It Hold Water?

More work needed to understand potential impacts of waste storage, industry-funded review finds.

By Christopher Pollon, 4 Jul 2013


Cost of Electrifying BC's North Up $222 Million in Two Years

As NTL project grows, so does potential risk to ratepayers.

By Christopher Pollon, 29 Apr 2013


New Mines Put Alaska and BC on Collision Course

Developing province's northwest could pollute more across border and Americans are armed with new court rulings. Last in a series.

By Christopher Pollon, 14 Nov 2012


Reinvent Environmental Assessment in BC, Say Critics

The process is broken say First Nations and others, citing the Northwest Transmission Line as a perfect example.

By Christopher Pollon, 8 Nov 2012


In the Nass, New Power Line Jolts First Nations Relations

Plans to electrify the region crank up a boundary dispute, already charged, between Nisga'a and Gitanyow.

By Christopher Pollon, 6 Nov 2012


INTERACTIVE MAP: British Columbia's Northwest

Use this map to orient yourself to the stories in the 'Power Lines: Transforming BC's Last Frontier' series, launched today.

By Christopher Pollon, 6 Nov 2012


Why Saving Marshes Might Save Civilization

What grows in tidal zones may be our best ally against climate change. How to preserve BC's 'blue carbon'?

By Christopher Pollon, 30 Jul 2012


The Interactive BC Carbon Map: Lessons Learned

Are BC forests a sink or source? Eelgrass a super-sequesterer? What we know and don't know about our footprint.

By Christopher Pollon and Hugh Stimson, 5 Jul 2012


The Interactive BC Carbon Map

Possibly the first interactive map of BC's carbon sinks and sources. A Tyee Solutions Society project.

By Hugh Stimson, Christopher Pollon and Chris Wood, 4 Jul 2012


BC Carbon Map: Sources, Sinks and Unknowns

The data behind the map and the assumptions made. A Tyee Solutions Society project.

By Hugh Stimson and Christopher Pollon, 4 Jul 2012


Great Bear Forest to Be Massive Carbon Offset Project

How eight coastal First Nations will harvest money from trees without saws.

By Christopher Pollon, 11 Jun 2012


Market for Enbridge's Gateway Pipeline Remains Murky

Foreign interests gave millions to help prime the project, but years later there are no known binding commitments by customers.

By Christopher Pollon, 31 Jan 2012


Why BC Isn't Rushing to 'Cap and Trade' Carbon

California beckons with new market for emissions offsets. Will we join soon?

By Christopher Pollon, 28 Nov 2011


Has BC's Carbon Tax Worked?

Experts are divided on what the levy has achieved and how it must evolve.

By Christopher Pollon, 23 Nov 2011


BC's Climate Plan at a Crossroads

Today begins a series on how the province's carbon reduction plans are working, or not.

By Christopher Pollon, 21 Nov 2011


Northwest Power Line Grows, So Does Controversy

Gov't says extending grid beyond 2009 plan will lower greenhouse emissions. Critics see a boost to mining -- and emissions.

By Christopher Pollon, 18 Jul 2011


Who Will Clean Up Our Mining Mess?

The coming mining boom in BC's northwest has critics wondering if current clean-up and enforcement plans are enough. Special report with photo essay.

By Christopher Pollon, 23 May 2011


BC miners celebrate 2010 'gold rush'

By Christopher Pollon, 11 May 2011


Fall of Viaducts Could Aid Rise of Eastside

Former city planner Larry Beasley joins chorus urging removal of freeway vestige that divides neighbourhoods.

By Christopher Pollon, 11 Apr 2011


So Much Rain! Why Not Put It To Work?

Exasperated that our wet winters turn into water-scarce summers? Get your own 1000-gallon rain barrel.

By Christopher Pollon, 24 Mar 2011


How Smart Is 'Power Smart', BC Hydro's Try at Saving Energy?

Not very smart, says economist Mark Jaccard. But are we brave enough for California's far more successful approach?

By Christopher Pollon, 9 Mar 2011


Alaska Power and the Bleeding of the Northwest

Critics say plan to tie state to BC's power grid will enable shipping Canadian resources from US port.

By Christopher Pollon, 18 Feb 2011


BC's Tahltan People and the Road to Power

Natives are demanding a say in plans to electrify BC's northwest, bound to transform the region. Second of two.

By Christopher Pollon, 14 Jan 2011


Report from the Edge of BC's Copper Rush

The province's northwest is slated for a mining boom. A visitor to those remote parts finds ambition and dread, natural wonders and billions at stake. Part one of two.

By Christopher Pollon, 13 Jan 2011


Wade Davis's Crusade to Preserve the Wild Stikine

Famous anthropologist is gathering images and facts to defend a land he loves.

By Christopher Pollon, 13 Jan 2011


Can BC Become a 'Green Copper' Superpower?

There's diverse support for a hydro-powered smelter built on Pacific coast near Kitimat.

By Christopher Pollon, 5 Oct 2010


Breeding Trees to Be Better Biofuel

Thanks to a gene mapping breakthrough, producing ethanol is going to be cheaper and easier in BC. Latest in Tyee's Cool Tech series.

By Christopher Pollon, 4 Aug 2010


Green You Can Use, at Vancouver's Olympic Village

We scoured the billion dollar project for practical solutions ready for wider use in an era of global warming.

By Christopher Pollon, 14 Jul 2010


Out With The Old Engine, In With The New

How an East Vancouver start-up is transforming gas-guzzlers to pure electric.

By Christopher Pollon, 28 May 2010


Old growth forest for sale in Cape Scott Provincial Park

By Christopher Pollon, 31 Mar 2010


Time to Get 'Wacky' Again: The Northwest Transmission Line

Did Campbell green light an all too familiar boondoggle?

By Christopher Pollon, 21 Sep 2009


Chretien and inner circle go to work for billionaire mining financier

By Christopher Pollon, 9 Jul 2009


In Bad Times, Tough Eco-Standards an Even Harder Sell

BC timber firms are slow to seek FSC certification, but Great Bear Rainforest may change that. Photo: Gerry George.

By Christopher Pollon, 22 Jun 2009


The War over Eco-Certified Wood

When it comes to buying nature-friendly wood, two stamps of approval vie, with vast forests at stake. Which will win out? Big timber firms back the one critics call greenwashing. A Tyee special report.

By Christopher Pollon, 3 Jun 2009


British Columbians again reject STV

By Christopher Pollon, 13 May 2009


Bill Bennett's Last Stand?

As charges of dirty tricks and racism fly, East Kootenay is a wild one, and too close to call.

By Christopher Pollon, 8 May 2009


Hanni vows referendum on Aboriginal legislation

By Christopher Pollon, 6 May 2009


Before You Toss that Computer

How BC's e-waste recycling works. How it could work better.

By Christopher Pollon, 4 Feb 2009


Who's Behind 'BC Citizens For Green Energy'?

Group with BC Liberal ties slams gov't critics, pushes private power, nuclear.

By Christopher Pollon, 18 Dec 2008


Gordon Campbell's $400 Million Power Line Bet

Did BC's premier juice up his claims for the Northwest Transmission Line? A Tyee special report.

By Christopher Pollon, 13 Nov 2008


On Track for Another Toxic Rail Derailment?

'Safest' train company in North America still threatens salmon, people.

By Christopher Pollon, 21 Jul 2008


Key Hearing on How Mega-Mines Get Approved

Feds broke own rules on public input: Mining Watch.

By Christopher Pollon, 15 May 2008


Vancouver's Bedbug Plague

Bad already, will it grow to be an Olympic-sized infestation?

By Christopher Pollon, 15 May 2008


Feds Nix Rescue Plan to Scoop, Move Salmon

Researcher Alexandra Morton may try it anyway.

By Christopher Pollon, 6 Apr 2008


Ontario Teachers Profit from Copter Biz in Burma

Pension plan a big investor in CHC Helicopter Corp.

By Christopher Pollon, 25 Oct 2007


Canadian Miners Sour on Burma

Ties with junta earned millions for BC-based Ivanhoe.

By Christopher Pollon, 12 Oct 2007


BC's Big Pipeline Plans Draw Fire from First Nations

Massive Gateway project faces serious legal obstacles. A special report.

By Christopher Pollon, 23 Aug 2006


Barnston Land Ruling Looms

Industry and farming square off in pivotal test for the ALR.

By Christopher Pollon, 20 Jun 2006


Salmon Kills and the Politics of Mining the Fraser

BC's hunger for gravel is voracious.

By Christopher Pollon, 19 Apr 2006