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Dear Parent of the Average Child

A confession and apology from your daughter's busy teacher.

By Genevieve Hawtree, 28 May 2014


My Old Sci-Fi Novel Is Coming True

Collapsing Antarctic ice sheet? Just another global warming story. Also one I wrote decades ago.

By Crawford Kilian, 14 May 2014

Ian Reid

Beauty, Love... and Politics: Ian Reid, 1955-2014

Deep principle, clear-eyed realism were at the heart of NDP strategist's approach to life.

By Rob Cottingham, 22 Apr 2014


Sensory Deprivation Goes into the Black

Nearly two hours in this supposed 'mind-altering' floatation tank, have I reached the 'quantum realm of creativity'?

By Jesse Donaldson, 12 Apr 2014

Jim Flaherty in the House

Jim Flaherty Departs the Stage

Former finance minister was a damn good political showman, and a friend to many.

By Crawford Kilian, 10 Apr 2014

Recent Life


New Bishop Offers Promise to Anglicans

Watching Vancouver's Anglicans ordain their first woman bishop highlights for me how far Catholicism lags behind.

By Rosemary Anderson, 8 Mar 2014

A snake eating a crocodile

I'll Take My Coffee with Fiction, Thanks

Can't stomach what passes for 'news' these days? Wake up with a short story instead.

By Shannon Rupp, 6 Mar 2014

'Above Water' illustration

'Our Only Refuge': Solidarity in Joblessness

What is the worth of a human life cast out from the ranks of the employed?

By Cynthia Dewi Oka, 21 Feb 2014

Money in a heart

No Valentine? I Hear the Economy's Desperate

Plagued by rising singledom, Cupid's Day retailers look to woo a different crowd.

By Shannon Rupp, 14 Feb 2014


Dumb Classrooms

Immovable desks. Full frontal teaching. And other doltish design traits of our slow-to-learn schools.

By Crawford Kilian, 12 Feb 2014

Pot sticker dumplings

Rolling Dumplings with Mom

Pressing the dough together for Chinese New Year, we too were bound.

By Fiona Tinwei Lam, 31 Jan 2014


Scandal Season

Go ahead. Indulge in a little corruption with that lunch and coffee.

By Stephen Osborne, 25 Jan 2014

Toast launch

Toast Is the New Cupcake

Glutenous villain no more, the lowly slab gets a makeover.

By Shannon Rupp, 23 Jan 2014


In Bangkok's Streets, It's Occupy Flipped

For largely upper class Thai protesters, democracy hasn't worked of late. A dispatch.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Jan 2014


Five Superstars Who Slipped Through Vancouver's Grasp

The 'Caps lost their star precisely 15 years after Bure left. Can this city keep its athletic prima donnas?

By Bob Mackin, 18 Jan 2014


Feast of the Sacrifice

For the first time this holiday season, I killed dinner.

By Kai Nagata, 25 Dec 2013


Reflections on Trees, Sharing and Comments Closing for Holidays

Comments open here to friends who want to share a cup of cheer. Closed on all other stories 'til Jan. 6.

By Geoff D'Auria, 23 Dec 2013


Christmas, Crime and Punishment

A night of theatre like no other keeps whispering its holiday message to me: 'There but for fortune...'

By Melanie Friesen, 23 Dec 2013


How to Avoid a Code-Red Christmas

Five ways to stop drunken family from ruining the holidays.

By Cathy Patterson-Sterling , 23 Dec 2013


An 'Infidel' Writes: Dear Mr. Pallister, Since You Asked

Christianity is free to borrow the Winter Solstice, but don't forget who lent it to you.

By Shannon Rupp, 21 Dec 2013

Why Real Estate Developers Are Ignoring the Middle Class

And why some industry leaders worry it will come ‘back to haunt us.’

By Geoff Dembicki

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