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George Bowering, Loudest Guy at the Party

As writers gather in Vancouver, a conversation with BC's most prolific poet and novelist.

By Daniel Zomparelli and Dina Del Bucchia, 23 Oct 2015

Fishery officer Randy Nelson

'Poachers, Polluters and Politics': A Fishery Officer Reflects

Memoir offers rare, funny glimpse into one man's duty to defend the fish.

By Kristian Secher, 2 Jun 2014

Roderick Haig-Brown

Fishing in the Haig-Brown Library

The famed BC writer and naturalist collected the wisdom we need, if we'd just sit and read.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 31 May 2014

Journalist Glenn Greenwald

Why Edward Snowden Chose Glenn Greenwald

Former Guardian journalist reveals how he netted the news story of a decade.

By Crawford Kilian, 30 May 2014


The Blacklisting of Tom Flanagan

Conservative pundit reflects on the child porn remark that turned his world against him.

By Crawford Kilian, 10 May 2014

Recent Books


In Defence of Single Moms

My family is rooted outside the nuclear archetype. Bring on the assumptions.

By Fiona Tinwei Lam, 10 May 2014


'The Couch of Willingness'

In time for Mental Health Week, a BC addictions therapist shares his battle with alcoholism.

By Michael Pond and Maureen Palmer, 7 May 2014


On Capitalism, We Are All Pikettists Now

Inequality has always been a rigged game, economist argues in explosive new book.

By Crawford Kilian, 30 Apr 2014

Roman couple

Social Media, Roman Style

With 'Atimetus got me pregnant,' they invented the tweet. And it took off from there.

By Crawford Kilian, 25 Apr 2014


Ottawa's Command and Control Antics

Former MPs speak out against 'opaque' and 'juvenile' party handling in a new book.

By Alison Loat and Michael MacMillan, 19 Apr 2014


'A System Designed to Be Controlled by the Centre'

In conversation, author Alison Loat reflects on the interviews that informed 'Tragedy in the Commons.'

By Sarah Berman, 19 Apr 2014


Adiós, Maestro

Gabriel García Márquez knew all of Latin America's family secrets.

By Crawford Kilian, 19 Apr 2014

Chinese war junks

Shamed by 'Barbarians,' China Leaps Forward

New history follows the country's fascinating search for wealth and power.

By Crawford Kilian, 11 Apr 2014


First Nations' Remarkable Legal Winning Streak

'Resource Rulers' says industry ignores at its peril wave of 'native empowerment.'

By Shiri Pasternak, 10 Apr 2014

Author Arundhati Roy

'Another Way of Looking at the World'

Arundhati Roy in conversation on writing, politics and her latest: 'Capitalism: A Ghost Story.'

By Derrick O'Keefe and Jahanzeb Hussain, 1 Apr 2014

Author Arundhati Roy

Five Things to Know about Arundhati Roy

The acclaimed Indian author and advocate is speaking Vancouver April 1. Prepare yourself!

By Baharak Yousefi, 29 Mar 2014


The Baseball Book Adrian Dix Wishes He Wrote

'Ill-fated but unforgettable' Montreal Expos were underdogs with heart.

By Adrian Dix, 29 Mar 2014

Nuclear reactors

'Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster'

New book explains Fukushima in tragic detail, highlighting need for a major industry overhaul.

By Crawford Kilian, 11 Mar 2014


The Lonely Planet Hunters

Writer Lee Billings chronicles the revolutionary search for life among the stars.

By Crawford Kilian, 26 Feb 2014

Lions Gate wildlife

Can Vancouver 'Rewild'?

J.B. MacKinnon explores his hometown's past and possible future in a free talk Thursday at UBC.

By Deborah Campbell, 25 Feb 2014

Why Real Estate Developers Are Ignoring the Middle Class

And why some industry leaders worry it will come ‘back to haunt us.’

By Geoff Dembicki


How do we end sexism in BC’s restaurant industry?

  • Ban high heel requirements
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