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Jon Beasley-Murray

Jon Beasley-Murray is an Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies at the University of British Columbia, who has written and researched extensively on political theory and social violence in Latin America. This article originally appeared as a post on his blog Posthegemony.

Stories by Jon Beasley-Murray


Catalonia Walks the Independence Tightrope

Much to lose in the region’s bid for nationhood, and implications that reach far beyond Spain’s borders.

By Jon Beasley-Murray, 19 Oct 2017


‘Anti-Terror’ Laws Already Eroding Free Speech, Debate

Italian philosopher barred from visiting Canada to speak at UBC, University of Calgary.

By Jon Beasley-Murray, Francesca Cadel, James Ellis and Pablo Policzer, 5 Apr 2017


As Europe Roils, New Glimpses of Fighting Fascists 80 Years Ago

‘Live Souls’ links BC to Spanish Civil War with rare photos, vibrant memoir.

By Jon Beasley-Murray, 15 Jul 2016


The Problem with MOOCs

Search for profits and shallow thinking clouds the vision of free education.

By Jon Beasley-Murray, 5 Jul 2013


Please Stop Saying You're the 'Real' Vancouver

The riot sprang from our society; feeling smugly superior won't fix that.

By Jon Beasley-Murray, 24 Jun 2011


Did We Ask For It?

Hockey itself is a frenzy of violence cheered on by crowds. Should this aftermath surprise us?

By Jon Beasley-Murray, 16 Jun 2011