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Damien Gillis

Damien Gillis is a Vancouver-based documentary filmmaker with a focus on environmental and social justice issues, especially relating to water, energy, and saving Canada's wild salmon. He is co-founder of the online publication The Common Sense Canadian, where a version of this article first appeared.

Stories by Damien Gillis


DFO’s Plan to Gut Rules Protecting Wild Salmon from Fish Farm Disease

Part two of a series. After court losses, federal government has new strategy to protect industry.

By Damien Gillis, 11 Jan 2018


Inside DFO’s Battle to Downplay a Deadly Farmed Salmon Disease

Part one of a series. Provincial lab played key role in denying existence of HSMI in BC.

By Damien Gillis, 10 Jan 2018


Trudeau, More Dangerous to Environment than Harper?

I suggested it three and a half years ago. Still waiting to be proven wrong.

By Damien Gillis, 2 Dec 2016


Three Fibs Premier Clark Uses to Sell LNG Dream

Sorry, it's not clean. It won't pay off. It's not popular. Here's why.

By Damien Gillis, 21 Dec 2015


First Nations energy company floats oil refinery near Prince Rupert

By Damien Gillis, 7 Oct 2013


VIEW: Tide turning against salmon farms in lead-up to election

By Damien Gillis, 25 Apr 2013


Libs' Flip Flop Puts Massive Private Power Project Back on Table

Government's claim it's responding to pro-First Nation court decision rings hollow.

By Damien Gillis, 16 Jun 2012