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Aaron Chapman

Aaron Chapman is a musician and writer living in Vancouver.

Stories by Aaron Chapman


Ten Legends of the Commodore Ballroom

We don't always get it right in Vancouver, but we surely did with this place.

By Aaron Chapman, 11 Dec 2014


Ten Legends of Vancouver's Penthouse Nightclub

TYEE LIST #29: New book chronicles one sensational family business.

By Aaron Chapman, 8 Dec 2012


Kids Wanna Rock Band

VIDEO: First Napster, now this. Are musicians a dying breed?

By Aaron Chapman, 30 Sep 2008


Stumbling Across 'New' Severed-Foot Mystery

VIDEO: This happened before, pre-YouTube.

By Aaron Chapman, 22 Jul 2008


Meltdown Marketing

VIDEO: 'Caught on tape' tantrums are so viral, big biz is faking them.

By Aaron Chapman, 24 Jun 2008


Gorilla Marketing

VIDEO: Simian slams suitcase! In praise of a retro classic.

By Aaron Chapman, 2 Apr 2008