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The Creativity Chronicles

Light Bulbs, Dan Hubig

An occasional series on how to make B.C. a place where creative people thrive, benefitting all.

In This Series


Event at The Waldorf

Vancouver's Creative Space Crunch

It's a hot issue in a city with lots of red tape but few old, affordable places to gather.

By Grace Scott, 18 Nov 2011



Why Can't Vancouver Keep Its Start-ups Here?

Local talent churns out hot new enterprise! If that's such a good story here, why does it keep ending someplace else?

By Colleen Kimmett, 13 Feb 2012


Chris Clark, FX technician

So You Want to Break into Hollywood North

Capilano U. is the latest school to promise to help. But self-starters like Chris Clark plunge in without the '$40K handshake.'

By Sarah Berman, 20 Feb 2012


Vancouver Film School, Makeup, Special Effects, Snout

How to Plug BC's Creative Brain Drain

Business sectors unite to find ways to keep our brightest talents in the province.

By Sarah Berman, 26 Apr 2012


Vancouver band Aquanaut

Vancouver's Underground Music Lab

Inside Nite Prison studio, where cross-genre bands breed the city's newest sounds.

By Sarah Berman, 12 May 2012


Mairin Cooley, owner of The Nines

Vancouver's New Frontiers of Creative Space

An abandoned car rental joint may become an artistic oasis. And other positive signs.

By Robyn Smith, 19 Jun 2012


backyard parklet

Vancouver's New Make-It-Yourself Parks

'Parklet' program puts public space in neighbours' hands.

By Olivia Fellows, 23 Jul 2014



To Combat Weak Social Ties, a New Way to Create

An 'arts hive' with focus on therapy puts expression before instruction.

By Olivia Fellows, 28 Jul 2014