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Sarah Berman

Sarah Berman's writing has appeared in VICE, Adbusters, Maclean’s, the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun and many others. A lifelong supporter of independent and alternative media, Berman has contributed to nonprofits like Journalists for Human Rights, Megaphone Magazine and Paper Tiger TV.

Reporting Beat: Communities, creativity, African media, social justice, culture, music, film, theatre and visual art.

Sarah's Connection to BC: Born and raised in London, Ontario, Sarah roadtripped west in search of beaches, tunes, pho and a decent grad program. (Probably in that order.)

Twitter: @sarahberms

Stories by Sarah Berman


Tyee's Air Christy Scoop Takes off

For years FOI warrior Bob Mackin spotlighted premier's chartered flights, now earning big media headlines.

By Sarah Berman, 1 Mar 2016


Four Highlights from Tyee's Evening with Andrew Nikiforuk

Missed our Vancouver event 'Standing Up to Fracking'? Check out the full video and more.

By Sarah Berman, 8 Feb 2016


Tyee's Media Model Nets Cross-Canada Headlines

In turbulent times for journalism, CBC, Walrus, even oil industry mag takes note of 'niche' newsmakers.

By Sarah Berman, 3 Feb 2016


Will Weapons Divestment Take off in 2016?

America's thundering gun debate sparks a new financial frontier, with TD Bank among targeted lenders.

By Sarah Berman, 12 Jan 2016


Five Takeaways from the Oregon Militia Standoff

Police and media response sparked cutting analysis. Start with these assumption-busting voices.

By Sarah Berman, 5 Jan 2016


After Paris, Hoax Hunters Show Us How It's Done

As attacks unfolded, journalists put these evolving verification techniques in action.

By Sarah Berman, 16 Nov 2015


A Taste of Saturday's Meme-Making Bootcamp

Viral master Heather Libby breaks down the election's most buzzworthy moments.

By Sarah Berman, 22 Oct 2015


Who Promised What: Tyee's Rapid-Fire Party Platform Reader

A clip-and-save primer for pledges on climate, inequality, First Nations and more.

By Sarah Berman, 14 Oct 2015


What Does $1 Million Buy in an Election?

At this point, it's too late for lawn signs and TV. Strategist dishes on how parties are spending.

By Sarah Berman, 8 Oct 2015


Some Context for Twitter's 'Old Stock Canadians' Backlash

Yes, it's a term that's popped up before, but not alongside loaded (and bogus) refugee claims.

By Sarah Berman, 18 Sep 2015


Six 'Revolting' Lessons from Prankster Pros

'Yes Men' collaborators dish on election mayhem ahead of all-new DOXA premiere.

By Sarah Berman, 2 May 2015


Interpreting China's Banned Pollution Documentary

When the country's 'Inconvenient Truth' went viral, two Chinese teens crowdsourced subtitles.

By Sarah Berman, 16 Mar 2015


Meet the Menstruators Fighting Canada's 'Tampon Tax'

A Q&A with two young people petitioning for tax exemption. Period.

By Sarah Berman, 2 Mar 2015


Coastal First Nations Call Out 'Eagle Spirit' Pipeline

Energy project seen as Northern Gateway alternative rejected by two vital aboriginal alliances.

By Sarah Berman, 13 Feb 2015


Victoria's Secret: Dumping Raw Sewage Like It's 1915

The icky, smelly, rotten no-good political mess that could cost taxpayers a billion. (Yes, a billion!)

By Sarah Berman, 26 Jan 2015


'The Jaguar's Children' and the Many Gods of Our Moment

John Vaillant's debut novel tackles 'huge cosmic questions' with emotional urgency. A Tyee interview.

By Sarah Berman, 17 Jan 2015


Rape, Trial-by-Media Anxiety and 'The Newsroom'

Goes without saying, but just in case: don't take sexual assault reporting tips from Aaron Sorkin.

By Sarah Berman, 9 Dec 2014


Vancouver on the Verge of a Comedy Coup

With a 'nobody's going to get famous' attitude, BC comics get noticed.

By Sarah Berman, 21 Nov 2014


'Citizen Marc' Busts Emery Myths

Think you know Canada's so-called 'Prince of Pot?' New doc dispels and retells local lore.

By Sarah Berman, 7 Nov 2014


BC Fed president Jim Sinclair will not seek re-election

By Sarah Berman, 9 Oct 2014


Inquest Jury Recommends End to CBSA Outsourcing

The in-custody death of Lucía Vega Jiménez flagged major inadequacies in immigration holding centres. A recap.

By Sarah Berman, 8 Oct 2014


Tyee Nets Seasoned Community Builder

Meet Jeanette Ageson, new point-person for Tyee Builders from coast to coast to coast.

By Sarah Berman, 3 Oct 2014


'Is This Me?': Style Meets Existentialism with 'Women in Clothes'

A conversation with contributors to a new fashion tome, co-edited by Sheila Heti. Vancouver launch next week.

By Sarah Berman, 27 Sep 2014


Tyee Readers Still Mad as Hell About Teacher Negotiations

We asked, thousands answered. Here's how your opinion on the teachers' dispute evolved.

By Sarah Berman, 8 Sep 2014


A Tyee Series

Career 180: A Home Builder Flips to Molding Minds

After an injury, Carey Stewart reconstructed his life. Last in a series on British Columbians starting over.

By Sarah Berman, 4 Sep 2014


A Tyee Series

Career 180: With Hours Chopped, Forester Moves to Senior Care

After decades in the woods, a job transition made Gale Brownlee take heart. Part of a series.

By Sarah Berman, 3 Sep 2014


A Tyee Series

Career 180: Engineering Gluten-Free Pastry

Recession roadblocks turned Eric Ho onto the culinary path of his dreams. Second in a series on BCers starting over.

By Sarah Berman, 2 Sep 2014


A Tyee Series

Career 180: A Desk Jobber Trades Up

A PR manager swaps the office for a shop and wrench. First in a series about British Columbians starting over.

By Sarah Berman, 1 Sep 2014


Favoured Vision Park Board candidate resigns after pro-masturbation video surfaces

By Sarah Berman, 17 Jul 2014


For 'Little Mosque' Creator, 'Everything Is Copy'

Zarqa Nawaz gives Islam the Nora Ephron treatment at Vancouver's Indian Summer Festival.

By Sarah Berman, 7 Jul 2014


'I Was a PR Campaign': Oil Cleanup Worker

As Cold Lake disaster oozes into year two, wildlife rehabber remembers 'insane' media day.

By Sarah Berman, 21 May 2014


'A System Designed to Be Controlled by the Centre'

In conversation, author Alison Loat reflects on the interviews that informed 'Tragedy in the Commons.'

By Sarah Berman, 19 Apr 2014


Tyee National Campaign Hits Target in Night of Overwhelming Support

Readers rally to keep the dream of a Tyee reporter in Ottawa alive.

By David Beers, Sarah Berman, Geoff D'Auria, Julie Jenkins, Ashley Massmann and Phillip Smith, 19 Nov 2013


Young Bucks in the Mushroom Kingdom

It's hard out there for a newbie picker, but the right tips boost morel morale.

By Sarah Berman, 26 Oct 2013


Canadian Crowdfunding Just Got Crowded

The next Science World exhibition or hydraulic robot gets a boost as Kickstarter arrives, joining BC-tied Indiegogo.

By Sarah Berman, 13 Aug 2013


Search and Rescue, Doggy-Style

Meet the pioneering pet detectives that have British Columbians paying top dollar.

By Sarah Berman, 3 Aug 2013


A Tyee Series

Beautiful Relationships: Vancouver's Tight Knit Garment Industry

Small, creative, stitched together: exploring fashion's local supply chain. Fifth in a series.

By Sarah Berman, 6 Mar 2013


BC Liquor announces changes to allow direct sales, in-brewery events

By Sarah Berman, 8 Feb 2013


Vancouver council changes zoning to boost artist rental space '14-fold'

By Sarah Berman, 6 Feb 2013


A Tyee Series

Beautiful Relationships: Sweet Cooperation Helps Local Biz Thrive

A quest for East Van treats links creameries, breweries and manufacturers. Fourth in a series.

By Sarah Berman, 6 Feb 2013


BC to ban all-ages events at several bars and nightclubs

By Sarah Berman, 8 Jan 2013


A Tyee Series

Idea #5: 'You Are Not a Loan'

Occupy spin-off buys debt for pennies on the dollar, forgives debtors, shames predator bankers. Fifth in a series.

By Sarah Berman, 25 Dec 2012


Women-only Recovery Experiment: Did It Work or Not?

Vancouver's Rainier Hotel loses 'heart and soul' of unique addictions treatment program.

By Sarah Berman, 18 Dec 2012


Occupy Wall Street's New Job: Disaster Relief

How the leaderless movement reignited to fill gaps in New York City's hurricane recovery effort.

By Sarah Berman, 10 Nov 2012


On #Occupy anniversary in NYC, new tactics on both sides of police barricades

By Sarah Berman, 17 Sep 2012


A Tyee Series

Vancouver's Underground Music Lab

Inside Nite Prison studio, where cross-genre bands breed the city's newest sounds.

By Sarah Berman, 12 May 2012


Ban Billboards, Fund Journalism!

In São Paulo, advertisers blocked from buying signboard space support publications instead.

By Sarah Berman, 10 May 2012


A Tyee Series

How to Plug BC's Creative Brain Drain

Business sectors unite to find ways to keep our brightest talents in the province.

By Sarah Berman, 26 Apr 2012


A Tyee Series

So You Want to Break into Hollywood North

Capilano U. is the latest school to promise to help. But self-starters like Chris Clark plunge in without the '$40K handshake.'

By Sarah Berman, 20 Feb 2012


BC's Five Looniest Liquor Laws

Raise a glass to our lush province's most outlandish legal hangovers.

By Sarah Berman, 30 Dec 2011


A Tyee Series

Idea #3: Unwrap a Gift Economy

Use Wall Street's language and build an alternative based on generosity, not greed.

By Sarah Berman, 21 Dec 2011


Learning to Love the Swarm

Victim of disease and pests, the threatened bee finds a new caretaker in Vancouver's young and eco-savvy.

By Sarah Berman, 1 Nov 2011


No Hashtag? No Revolution

How did dictators crush dissent before social media? See Malawi, where digital scarcity empowers oppressive rulers.

By Sarah Berman, 5 Oct 2011


Surrey asks Health Canada to reveal medical marijuana grow-op locations, citing safety concerns

By Sarah Berman, 28 Sep 2011