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How Green Is Your Wood?


More than one organization wants to put its ecological stamp of approval on wood products from B.C. and around the world. The battle is fierce between more stringent outfits like the Forest Stewardship Council and the U.S. timber industry-backed Sustainable Forestry Initiative. What are the competing standards? Which approach is gaining traction? And at a moment when the timber industry is hard hit in B.C., what are the prospects for making this province home to truly sustainable forestry harvest practices? The Tyee explores the war over eco-certified wood in this multi-part series.

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FSC Seal

The War over Eco-Certified Wood

When it comes to buying nature-friendly wood, two stamps of approval vie, with vast forests at stake. Which will win out? Big timber firms back the one critics call greenwashing. A Tyee special report.

By Christopher Pollon, 3 Jun 2009


Sink Creek lands in the East Kootenays

In Bad Times, Tough Eco-Standards an Even Harder Sell

BC timber firms are slow to seek FSC certification, but Great Bear Rainforest may change that. Photo: Gerry George.

By Christopher Pollon, 22 Jun 2009



Sustainable, but Too Small?

Demand for eco-certified wood is growing worldwide. Small-scale foresters want in, but need to be creative.

By Colleen Kimmett, 15 Sep 2009


Foggy Dark Woods Forest

Future of 'Green' Wood Hangs on US Decision

New LEED rules poised to remake market for environmental forest products, Canadian timber. First of five parts this week.

By Monte Paulsen, 15 Mar 2010



Eco Group's Trade Complaint Targets US Wood Certifier

ForestEthics charges that SFI's 'vague' standards mislead consumers. Second of five parts this week.

By Monte Paulsen, 16 Mar 2010



Wood War Sprawls to IRS, Fortune 500

Can an industry-created nonprofit meet test for a public-interest charity?

By Monte Paulsen, 17 Mar 2010



LEED Accused of 'Conspiracy to Monopolize'

Corporate group says US Green Building Council and eco-certifier FSC keep too much North American timber out of green market. Fourth in a series of five this week.

By Monte Paulsen, 18 Mar 2010



Will Green Building Council Kill Green Forestry?

Some critics say LEED's pending new rules could do just that. As the decision nears, the debate between competing eco-certifiers is nervous and angry. Last of five this week.

By Monte Paulsen, 19 Mar 2010


Boreal forest trees

A Daring Détente in the Boreal Forest

In Canada's vast north woods, a cease-fire in the war over certified timber.

By Monte Paulsen, 28 Sep 2010