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A Home for All

Home For All, series picture

For too many British Columbians, having a job or even a two-income family is no longer enough to guarantee a basic, comfortable place to live -- in fact, the average Metro Vancouver earner can afford only half a home.

In a market that isn't delivering a variety of cost-effective housing, Tyee investigative editor Monte Paulsen reports on how different approaches to finance, government policy and design could whittle the costs down to manageable proportions. And we invite experts to weigh in with their own opinion pieces.

The challenge to the ongoing economic and cultural vibrancy of B.C. is critical. The conversation about overcoming that challenge starts here.

Want the entire series in one go? It's right here.

This series was a finalist for the community reporting category of the 2009 Webster Awards.

This series on affordable housing was made possible in part through the support of Tides Canada Foundation, the Catherine Donnelly Foundation, and the Van Tel/Safeway Credit Union Legacy Fund, held and managed by Vancity Community Foundation.

In This Series


Home For All with Burnaby in background

Fixing the Crazy Cost of Housing

Ordinary people in BC can no longer afford ordinary homes. First in a series searching for solutions.

By Monte Paulsen, 10 Feb 2009


House Keys

Affordable Housing: Five Myths

Betting on 'market correction'? Home prices would have to plunge 55 per cent to fit average family income.

By Monte Paulsen, 12 Feb 2009


Housing series, part 3

Homes that Cost Less than Rental

How a Toronto developer creates 'cost-effective' condos sold to families making as low as $32,000.

By Monte Paulsen, 17 Feb 2009


Housing series, part 4, money shot

No Money Down Mortgages Still a Good Idea? This One Works

Helping renters buy homes, leave social housing, makes space for others.

By Monte Paulsen, 24 Feb 2009


Brent Toderian

'We Need Rental, Today': Toderian

Vancouver's planning boss on the downturn, fixing the rental unit shortage, and a key charter change.

By Monte Paulsen, 3 Mar 2009


David Goodman

The Path to New Rental Homes: One Broker's View

Veteran real estate seller David Goodman gives politicians hell, and 10 ideas.

By David Goodman, 4 Mar 2009


Floorplan, apartment, lock-off suite

Basement Suites in the Sky

Lock-off suites could help young families own condos and create rental housing for singles.

By Monte Paulsen, 10 Mar 2009


Bob Rennie

Rennie's Remedy: Taller, Cheaper

Condo king says cut unit costs by adding floors, capping developer profits.

By Monte Paulsen, 17 Mar 2009


Rich Coleman, Homes For All

Do It Yourself Home Lauded by Housing Minister Coleman

He also sees 'shared equity' as a way to make houses more affordable.

By Monte Paulsen, 31 Mar 2009


View Court Co-op

The Coming Co-op Crunch

As funds dry up and buildings run down, residents don't want to give up on their affordable way of living.

By Colleen Kimmett, 2 Apr 2009


Katie Addleman, A Home For All

In Vancouver, a Renter's Rat Race

Just here from Montreal, I figured finding a decent, no-frills place would be easy. Crazy me.

By Katie Addleman, 25 May 2009



Let's Create Housing Policies Young People Can Afford

A developer offers proven paths to cheaper rentals.

By Howard Rotberg, 12 Jun 2009