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Stanley Tromp

Stories by Stanley Tromp


BC's Rising Oil Spill Risk Threatens Otters: Washington State Report

More tankers up chance of major spill 'resulting in extinction' for state's otters.

By Stanley Tromp, 24 Jun 2014


Vancouver Port's Truckers Dispute: The Basics

A guide to help you understand the key players, and factors, in a complex quandary.

By Stanley Tromp, 14 Mar 2014


All Sides in Trucker Dispute Want More Investigations of Companies

Trucking firms' payment violation records, obtained by Tyee, throw light on tensions.

By Stanley Tromp, 14 Mar 2014


New Details on BC Energy Companies that Broke Enviro Regulations

FOI request reveals names of those issued 14 enforcement orders, 77 tickets in 2012.

By Stanley Tromp, 6 Jul 2013


BC Hydro Not Ready for Natural Disaster: Audit

Given lack of preparedness, expect long, widespread power outages, warned December internal probe.

By Stanley Tromp, 1 Jul 2013


Tighten Security Against Narcotics Theft, Audit Tells Hospitals

Probe into drugs missing from pharmacies results in demand for new safeguards.

By Stanley Tromp, 2 May 2013


Fukushima's Radiation: BC Health Risk, or Fish Tale?

Province's public health officer still combating what he says are unnecessary alarms.

By Stanley Tromp, 27 Apr 2013


BC government gives up on FOI legal challenge

By Stanley Tromp, 13 Jan 2013


BC Leg Mounts Constitutional Challenge to Keep Records Secret

Aims to overturn info commissioner's order to reveal minister calendar entries.

By Stanley Tromp, 5 Oct 2012


Three Additions to My Open Government Plea

BC Info Summit speakers offered new perspectives to my thinking on faux transparency.

By Stanley Tromp, 26 Sep 2012


Open Government? The Dangerous Distraction of Faux Transparency

While officials disgorge data sets and tweet away, citizens still lack muscle to compel the state to release records.

By Stanley Tromp, 17 Sep 2012


Cyber Crooks Licking Their Chops, Say Mounties

Switch to new Internet address system will help criminals according to RCMP analysis FOI'd by Tyee.

By Stanley Tromp, 13 Aug 2012


US Firm Charged with Illegally Dumping Tons of Rock into Delta Salmon Stream

BNSF railway company faces trial in August over alleged violations of Fisheries Act.

By Stanley Tromp, 9 Jul 2012


Risks to Lotto Players Persist: Internal Review

Measures taken haven't fully eliminated fraud opportunities, freedom of info document reveals.

By Stanley Tromp, 15 Jun 2012


BC Hydro Management Process Flawed: Internal Audit

Crown corporation not sure whether money was lost as a result.

By Stanley Tromp, 14 May 2012


When Public Bodies Create Companies, Public Can't Peer In

Recent court ruling against freedom of info rights is a blow to accountability.

By Stanley Tromp, 18 Jan 2012


BC gov't can't hide ministers' records from FOI with 'Out of Scope' claims

By Stanley Tromp, 8 Dec 2011


Recession driving more truckers into organized crime: RCMP

By Stanley Tromp, 31 Jul 2011


Premiers Got an Earful on BC Ferry Rate Increases

Angry citizens' emails to Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark surface via freedom of info request.

By Stanley Tromp, 6 Jul 2011


Mounties Privately Slammed Vancouver Police Claims on Pickton Case

VPD made 'inflammatory' and 'incorrect' criticisms of Mounties' serial killer investigation, accuses BC RCMP memo.

By Stanley Tromp, 22 Mar 2011


Steep Price to Make Legislative Buildings Quake Proof

Spend $182 million for seismic and other fixes or risk 'major tragedy': government-hired analysis revealed five years later.

By Stanley Tromp, 11 Mar 2011


For True Transparency, Amend David Hahn's FOI Strategy

Instead, give FOI recipients two weeks before making info public. And more ideas to keep watchdogs sharp and hungry.

By Stanley Tromp, 4 Mar 2011


Why David Hahn Has Investigative Reporters in a Tizzy

The BC Ferries boss pre-empts scoops by posting all FOI results online. If the province follows will it kill watchdogs' appetites? A Tyee interview.

By Stanley Tromp, 3 Mar 2011


In BC, We're Losing Our Gambling Fever

British Columbians are playing fewer BC Lottery Corp. games, and support for gambling is dropping.

By Stanley Tromp, 17 Feb 2011


Worker happiness at BC gambling corporation depends on position

By Stanley Tromp, 31 Jan 2011


Dirty money fears at casinos overblown: former BCLC president

By Stanley Tromp, 28 Jan 2011


Oil Sands to Boom: Internal Federal Report

Expect a rise in greenhouse-gas emitting heavy crude oil production in North America, says federal government report.

By Stanley Tromp, 27 Dec 2010


Would an Earthquake Crumble BC's Legislature Building?

The public can't know because government is fighting to withhold a 2006 report.

By Stanley Tromp, 22 Dec 2010


US Diplomat's Memo Urged 'Greening' of 'Shocking' Oil Sands

'Environmental impacts are high' but US should support Alberta's bitumen mining anyway, advised restricted 2008 report.

By Stanley Tromp, 10 Nov 2010


Pickton-style Serial Killings Could Recur Warns Cameron

Little has changed in Downtown Eastside to prevent it, says author.

By Stanley Tromp, 8 Oct 2010


Maximus was fined $156,000 for performance failings in 2005

By Stanley Tromp, 5 Aug 2010


BC must show public Maximus's health contract, fines: ruling

By Stanley Tromp, 19 Jun 2010


BC Ferries Boss Defends His Reign

David Hahn parries with critical riders at public meeting.

By Stanley Tromp, 1 Jul 2009


US view in 2005: Campbell uncharismatic, James unknown

By Stanley Tromp, 5 May 2009


A Tyee Series

To Fix FOI Law, Start Here

Section 13 creates yawning vacuum of secrecy. Last in a series.

By Stanley Tromp, 10 May 2007


A Tyee Series

News Smothered by Secrecy

How officials buried info we deserve to know. Second in a series.

By Stanley Tromp, 9 May 2007


A Tyee Series

Victoria Is Secret, More than Ever

How BC Liberals are blocking info. First in a series.

By Stanley Tromp, 8 May 2007


Government Lawyers Stressed Out

New funding policy may create legal risks for province: internal audit.

By Stanley Tromp, 15 Mar 2007


Against the Global Blackout

From Canada to India and Bush's US, fighting government secrecy.

By Stanley Tromp, 11 Jan 2007


School's out for Piper

UBC's ex-president on the APEC mistake, corporate cash and other controversies.

By Stanley Tromp, 2 Oct 2006


Change of Guard at UBC

Stephen Toope dug up the truth about Maher Arar. Now he's UBC's president. A Tyee interview.

By Stanley Tromp, 29 Sep 2006


Indian Affairs Honcho, Well Grilled

And other notes from the Assembly of First Nations convention.

By Stanley Tromp, 17 Jul 2006


Government Secrecy Bills Pulled

Bills 23 and 30 deferred indefinitely.

By Stanley Tromp, 11 May 2006


What Libs Don't Want Us to Know

Bill 23 would limit truth-finding public inquiries.

By Stanley Tromp, 10 May 2006


Libs Poised to Slam Lid of Secrecy

Latest bills shut out public, invite scandal and waste.

By Stanley Tromp, 9 May 2006


We're Raising Gamblers

Glamour, tech feed betting habits of BC's kids.

By Stanley Tromp, 13 Apr 2006