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Rachel Sanders

Stories by Rachel Sanders


Employers Clash on Timeline for $15 Minimum Wage

Fair Wage Commission hears arguments in favour of a 10-year plan to a sooner-the-better strategy.

By Rachel Sanders, 7 Dec 2017


Underemployment and Low Wages Continue to Burden Immigrants

Refugees in particular struggle to find stable, suitable work.

By Rachel Sanders, 1 Nov 2017


The Temp Work Trap: No Security, Low Pay and Lax Employment Law Enforcement

Temp agencies are replacing regular jobs, and BC response hasn’t kept pace.

By Rachel Sanders, 2 Oct 2017


‘We Have Work to Do’: BC’s New Labour Minister

Harry Bains on protecting workers, the path to fairer wages, and working with ‘our Green friends.’

By Rachel Sanders, 4 Sep 2017


A Labour Day Wish List for the NDP

Union leaders and workers’ advocates set nine goals for a new government facing an ‘enormous amount of work to do.’

By Rachel Sanders, 4 Sep 2017


Space Explorers: Inside Vancouver’s Coworking Studio for Industrial Designers

In the pricy city, Pat Christie saw the need for a place for artists to work and connect. So he built it himself.

By Rachel Sanders, 11 Aug 2017


Bici Libre! Bike Program Builds Autonomy for BC’s Migrant Farm Workers

Volunteer-run group links up workers with bikes, or tools to fix them.

By Rachel Sanders, 24 Jul 2017


How Technology Puts Pressure on BC’s Migrant Farm Workers

‘I am suffering a lot’: Productivity-measuring devices make stressful job conditions even worse, say workers.

By Rachel Sanders, 29 Jun 2017


From Childcare to Insurance, Coworking Grows to Fill Gaps for Independent Workers

In a fractured world of work, new communities form to meet workers’ needs.

By Rachel Sanders, 22 Jun 2017


Insecurity or Opportunity? Exploring the Future of Work

Pondering the possibilities and challenges that come with a changing workplace. Part of a Tyee event.

By Rachel Sanders, 15 May 2017


Wage Theft and Workplace Abuse: Report Shows Need for Employment Standards Overhaul

Where the parties stand on measures to curb employer abuse.

By Rachel Sanders, 8 May 2017


Every Party Promises Jobs, but What Kind of Jobs?

Quality over quantity, says SFU prof Peter Hall, noting job ‘is a very slippery word.’

By Rachel Sanders, 25 Apr 2017


Government Has Missed Green Job Opportunity, Says Labour Leader

Smarter approach would bring better jobs, protect environment, says Green Jobs BC.

By Rachel Sanders, 13 Apr 2017


To Stop Server Sexism, Ban Enforced High Heels but Raise Wages Too, Advocates Say

‘$9.60 an hour is absurd,’ notes Greens’ Weaver.

By Rachel Sanders, 15 Mar 2017


Sexism off the Menu: Seven Ways to Protect Servers from Abuse

End slavery to tips. Empower bartenders. Put teeth in workplace laws. And more ideas. Last in a series.

By Rachel Sanders, 9 Feb 2017


Slaps, Gropes and Comments ‘Non-stop’

Forced to be ‘sexy’ at work, servers reveal the toll on body and soul. Second in a series.

By Rachel Sanders, 8 Feb 2017


Inside BC’s Sexist Restaurant Industry

Steadily slipping ‘server’ minimum wage fuels harassment on job: researcher. Part one of three.

By Rachel Sanders, 7 Feb 2017