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Phillip Vannini

Stories by Phillip Vannini


Could the Salish Sea Become Canada’s Next World Heritage Site?

Initiative would help the world recognize ‘how special this place is.’

By Phillip Vannini and April Vannini, 17 Apr 2017


Flying 'Low and Slow' with BC Floatplane Pilots

Hop in the cockpit with a local worker as iconic as fisher, logger or realtor.

By Phillip Vannini, 17 Mar 2016


Ten Things Learned Living Off-grid in Canada

For two years we travelled the country to find off-gridders, and studied their ways of life.

By Phillip Vannini and Jonathan Taggart, 29 Dec 2014


Spelling out the Destruction of BC Ferries' Pact with Islanders

How the corporation is forsaking shift workers, young families and its social contract.

By Phillip Vannini and Jules Molloy, 13 Dec 2013


Bamfield's Unlikely Off-Gridders

Jan and Nelson's isolated Vancouver Island refuge is a wonder of self-sufficient recycling. Third in an occasional series.

By Phillip Vannini, 2 Oct 2012


Outsmarting the Meter: Off the Grid on Lasqueti

Life on this Gulf Island means saying no to BC Ferries, BC Hydro, and a lot of other infrastructure we take for granted. Second in an occasional series.

By Phillip Vannini and Jonathan Taggart, 14 Jun 2012


Living off the Grid in BC: Clayoquot Sound

Visits with people who've unplugged from utilities, seeking self-sufficiency, tranquility, resilience. First in an occasional series.

By Phillip Vannini, 24 Jan 2012