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Mychaylo Prystupa

Mychaylo Prystupa is an award-winning freelance journalist with 14 years experience, including nine as a CBC News reporter and two at the National Observer. Find him on Twitter @mychaylo, or his website here.

Stories by Mychaylo Prystupa


Did Christy Clark Pull a Too-Fast PR Stunt on LNG?

Woodfibre LNG announcement ‘misleading,’ says Squamish Nation chief.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 4 Jan 2017


Oil Sands Workers Fear Becoming Climate Change Casualties

If jobs are lost, union demands a 'Just Transition' to new opportunities.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 17 Jun 2016


Fort Mac Fire Sparked Little Media Talk of Global Warming

'If not now, then when would be a good time to discuss climate?' asks journo prof.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 13 Jun 2016


Immigrants Undaunted in Return to Fire-ravaged Fort Mac

Homes gone, jobs uncertain -- but determination to build a new life lives on.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 6 Jun 2016


A David-vs-Goliath Tanker Confrontation in Burrard Inlet

'Kayaktivism' takes on Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline from the water side.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 19 May 2016


Fleeing Fort McMurray... for Good?

Locals speak with pride about 'resilience' -- tested now like never before.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 5 May 2016


Suncor on Expansion Spree in Down Oilpatch

Calgary giant aims to be 'last oil company standing' as world shifts off carbon, its CEO says.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 29 Apr 2016


Canada's Oil and Gas Push 'Wishful Thinking' against Climate Realities: Harvard Prof

Naomi Oreskes says our fossil fuel strategy 'doesn't add up.'

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 6 Apr 2016


US States Team Up to Nail Big Oil for Climate 'Fraud'

Legal experts say oil companies could face billions of dollars in liabilities.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 30 Mar 2016


Laid-off By Oil Sands, Alberta Trades Seek Solar Relaunch

Worker-led initiative forms to retrain 1,000 idled electricians, boilermakers and others.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 21 Mar 2016


Jeff Rubin: Oil Sands Are 'Hemorrhaging Red Ink,' Doomed to Shutter

Former CIBC chief economist outlines latest predictions at 'Carbon Talks.'

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 18 Mar 2016


Petronas LNG Decision a 'Watershed Moment' for Trudeau Liberals, Say Critics

'This is a true litmus test for the government,' says NDP's Cullen.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 10 Mar 2016


What Did Trudeau Achieve at Climate Meet-up with Premiers?

'Vancouver Declaration' pledges green investment, keeps Harper's emissions target.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 7 Mar 2016


Enbridge CEO Eyes Clean Energy, While Pushing Pipelines

Protests forced oil firms in new directions, says enviro leader Tzeporah Berman.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 4 Mar 2016


Union Leader Urges Trudeau to Create 'One Million Climate Jobs'

Pipelines or turbines? 'We need both,' says prime minister at Globe summit.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 3 Mar 2016


Site C Is a Climate-Change Disaster, Says Suzuki

'We have to rethink everything' says noted environmentalist. A Tyee Q&A.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 23 Feb 2016


At Women's March, Hope and Heartache as National Inquiry Begins

Justice minister joins misty Vancouver ceremony honouring missing and murdered.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 15 Feb 2016


Pipeline Reforms 'Great Step' but Don't Account for Most Emissions, Say Climate Critics

Does ignoring downstream impacts export Canada's responsibilities?

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 28 Jan 2016


'Pennies for Billions': Aboriginals Fight Near Giveaway of Pipeline Rights in 1952

BC's Coldwater Indian Band sues feds, Kinder Morgan to kill old deal.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 27 Jan 2016


Trans Mountain's 'Worst Case' Spill Scenario Challenged at NEB Hearings

Dilbit disaster model underestimates cleanup problems, pollution, says scientist.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 19 Jan 2016