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Jim Sinclair

Jim Sinclair was president of the BC Federation of Labour for 15 years.

Stories by Jim Sinclair


When Did Equal Access to Health Care Become ‘Absurd’?

BC medicare challenge has stalled, but the push for better care for the rich lives on.

By Jim Sinclair, 19 Apr 2017


Stuart McLean: Laughter, Tears and the Soul of Our Country

Storyteller touched millions, and made Canada a better place, and us a better people.

By Jim Sinclair, 16 Feb 2017


Goodbye John Baigent, Labour Lawyer Who Demanded a Better World

Friend and mentor to many, he won cases that changed laws for millions of workers.

By Jim Sinclair, 24 Jan 2017


Cheers to BC's Teachers, for 100 Years of Wealth Creation

Together you've taught millions of students, fought for public ed, and shown solidarity every step of the way.

By Jim Sinclair, 16 Mar 2016


The Real Reason Geoff Meggs Earns Labour's Vote

The Vision councillor stands with us, now it's time to stand up for him, says Jim Sinclair.

By Jim Sinclair, 12 Nov 2014


VIEW: The terrible truth about the Liberals' jobs plan

By Jim Sinclair, 10 May 2013


Labour Built the Middle Class

That's a victory worth celebrating, and fighting to preserve.

By Jim Sinclair, 1 Sep 2012


The Timber Report Is in, What Will BC Libs Do?

Special committee shows decade's policies failed forest communities says BCFed's Sinclair.

By Jim Sinclair, 23 Aug 2012


Stand up for Better Pensions

Let's start an honest conversation about how we can lift everyone up.

By Jim Sinclair, 18 Jul 2012


'Creating Jobs' Is Biggest HST Con Job Yet

There's scant evidence the $2 billion tax shift onto families will create more pay cheques.

By Jim Sinclair, 6 Jul 2011


More Prisons? Dumb Idea

Harper's U.S.-style crime agenda won't make a safe Canada.

By Jim Sinclair, 26 Jul 2006


Can We Stop Walmartization?

Why a tough grocery strike in California matters to workers in British Columbia.

By Jim Sinclair, 6 Feb 2004