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Gus Van Harten

Gus van Harten

Gus Van Harten is associate professor at Osgoode Hall Law School and author of Investment Treaty Arbitration and Public Law (Oxford University Press, 2007).

Stories by Gus Van Harten


Seven Ways TPP Favours Mega-rich Foreign Investors, Not Canadians

And why there's still time for Trudeau to reject it.

By Gus Van Harten, 18 Jan 2016


Six Steps to Protect Canadians from Flaws in China Trade Deal

FIPA can't be revoked, but citizens deserve its effects be independently tracked and reported.

By Gus Van Harten, 30 Sep 2014


Breaking Down the Harm to Canada Done by Treaty with China

Here is the warning against FIPA an expert gave Harper two years ago.

By Gus Van Harten, 15 Sep 2014


Harper's Boon to the Arbitration Industry

If Canada finalizes the ICSID Convention, public money flows into silk legal pockets.

By Gus Van Harten, 14 Nov 2013


Harper Moves to Give Up More Canadian Sovereignty

How ratifying ICSID Convention will shift balance of judicial power to US government and foreign firms.

By Gus Van Harten, 12 Nov 2013


The Canada-Europe CETA: What's Behind the Curtain?

Five reasons against celebrating our (still virtually secret) trade deal with the EU.

By Gus Van Harten, 30 Oct 2013


Taking apart Tories' Party Line on China-Canada Treaty

A Conservative MP's letter attempting to soothe citizens worried about FIPA is misleading says expert Gus Van Harten, who breaks it down item by item.

By Gus Van Harten, 5 Nov 2012


BC Premier Urged to Consider Fast Legal Action Against China Treaty

As time ticks down, FIPA expert Gus Van Harten and office of the premier exchange emails.

By Gus Van Harten, 24 Oct 2012


China Investment Treaty: Expert Sounds Alarms in Letter to Harper

Toronto-based authority urges PM to halt ratification, laying out numerous 'deep' concerns.

By Gus Van Harten, 16 Oct 2012