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Growing the Local Bounty: Reports from Farmlands in Flux, Ontario and BC


Photo Credit: Justin Langille

Reporters Colleen Kimmett, Jeff Nield and Justin Langille journey through the greenbelts outside Vancouver and Toronto to gauge the health of local food systems and find out from growers, processors and distributors what's working to make local food truly sustainable.

Growing the Local Bounty is a project of the non-profit Tyee Solutions Society, and is supported by the Metcalf Foundation, Tides Canada Foundation and Vancity. Support for this project does not necessarily imply our funders’ endorsement of the findings or contents of these reports.

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In This Series


'Growing the Local Bounty' series logo

A Tale of Two Farmlands

Growing the local bounty in Ontario and BC, a new series that goes to the roots of sustainable solutions.

By Colleen Kimmett, 22 Oct 2010


BC blueberries for sale

The Little Local Food Connector That Could

How Home Grow-In plays a key role by helping nearby farmers find Vancouver customers.

By Colleen Kimmett, 28 Oct 2010


'Growing the Local Bounty' series logo

How Mennonites Are Modernizing a Local Food Economy

Volume, variety, reliability. Welcome to the Elmira Produce Auction Co-operative.

By Colleen Kimmett, 28 Oct 2010


Vancouver City Market, 1908

In Vancouver, a 'Crown Jewel' of Local Food Is in the Works

Here comes the New City Market, reviving this city's historic 'food hub' of a century ago.

By Jeff Nield, 4 Nov 2010


Greenhouse coordinator at The Stop

Better Than a Food Bank

The Stop in Toronto has evolved into a dignified model connecting local producers with low-income eaters.

By Colleen Kimmett, 5 Nov 2010


Ontario farmer Jenn Pfenning

Packed With Opportunities

How small farmers are turning their crops into tasty products without relying on the big global processors.

By Colleen Kimmett, 11 Nov 2010



Plenty of Local Food, Few Local Food Products

To help change that, BC producers are pressing for a local food technology centre to help bring local products to market.

By Jeff Nield, 12 Nov 2010


McVean farmer in Brampton, Ontario

A Nursery For New Farmers

At the McVean Incubator Farm, a little land goes a long way for people who want to get in the business of growing local food.

By Colleen Kimmett, 18 Nov 2010


Kwantlen farmers

Welcome to Farm School

A new generation of farmers is digging into books before they go out in the field.

By Jeff Nield, 19 Nov 2010




Organic egg producers in BC say regulations 'gone haywire' prevent them from keeping up with hungry local demand.

By Colleen Kimmett, 25 Nov 2010



Farmlands on the Brink

The fight over a farm in Delta raises the question of whether protecting agricultural land is a matter of all or none.

By Jeff Nield, 26 Nov 2010


Solar farmer Dave Ferguson

Farmers Harvesting the Sun's Rays

Make conditions right, and renewable energy could become a profitable crop for food growers across Canada.

By Colleen Kimmett, 2 Dec 2010


Holland Marsh farmer Doug Van Luyk

How Bulk Buyers Can Save Local Farmers

Local Food Plus gets institutions with big food budgets to go local and sustainable, and that can really pay off.

By Colleen Kimmett, 3 Dec 2010


Randy Thompson, farmer

'Farmpreneurs' Grow the Bounty

Investing in small-scale processing on the farm can make a big difference in its bottom line.

By Jeff Nield, 9 Dec 2010


Retrofitted grain machine

Building up the 'Grain Chain'

Local farmers are giving antique machines new life to help supply a growing demand for BC wheat.

By Colleen Kimmett, 10 Dec 2010


Artichoke farmer Donna Plough

This Jar of Local Goodies Brought to You by 'Co-opetition'

How BC food producers are building up a processing industry based on sharing.

By Jeff Nield, 16 Dec 2010


Pigs with local food series graphic

Secrets to Supporting Local Food

What the Tyee Solutions team learned in BC and Ontario while reporting this fall's 'Growing the Local Bounty' series.

By Colleen Kimmett, 17 Dec 2010