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Cool Tech vs. Global Warming: BC'S Cutting Edge against Climate Change


The North Pole. Image shared under a Creative Commons license by NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre.

Reporters search out made-in-B.C. technology with potential to make a serious dent in global warming. We investigate which policies are helping or holding back such innovations, what it would take for B.C. to further develop a cluster of cool tech businesses, and which firms rise above greenwashing to truly earn a green label. The research and reporting for this occasional series, produced by the non-profit Tyee Solutions Society, is made possible with support from the Bullitt Foundation.

In This Series



BC Charts a 'Clean Tech' Future, but Is the Map Right?

Too many mega-projects, say some experts, who see big gains from lower-impact, local community projects.

By Colleen Kimmett, 4 May 2010



Here Comes the 'Smart Grid' Way to Save Power

The US is investing billions in a wired feedback loop telling consumers how to be electricity misers. A BC firm is on the cutting edge.

By Colleen Kimmett, 13 May 2010



Is BC Ready for Smart Meters?

BC Hydro is preparing to roll out smart meters in every home. The tech industry is ready to jump on board, but are government and citizens prepared?

By Colleen Kimmett, 19 May 2010


Jay Giraud introducing Arnold Schwarzeneggar

Out With The Old Engine, In With The New

How an East Vancouver start-up is transforming gas-guzzlers to pure electric.

By Christopher Pollon, 28 May 2010



Geothermal Just Got Hotter

Kelowna firm's tech makes it easier for old buildings to tap the Earth for heating and cooling.

By Andrew MacLeod, 2 Jun 2010


Dockside Green biomass plant

Turning Waste Wood into Gas-Fueled Energy

Nexterra claims its UBC and Victoria projects mark the cutting edge against climate change. Not everyone measures the benefits the same.

By Andrew MacLeod, 25 Jun 2010


Chris Bush outside his energy plant

King of Poop Power

A farmer in Abbotsford will turn manure, lots of it, into a natural gas substitute. It's a first in BC, and the pioneer smells Canada-wide success.

By Colleen Kimmett, 7 Jul 2010


Roger Bayley, Olympic Village

Green You Can Use, at Vancouver's Olympic Village

We scoured the billion dollar project for practical solutions ready for wider use in an era of global warming.

By Christopher Pollon, 14 Jul 2010



Breeding Trees to Be Better Biofuel

Thanks to a gene mapping breakthrough, producing ethanol is going to be cheaper and easier in BC. Latest in Tyee's Cool Tech series.

By Christopher Pollon, 4 Aug 2010