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100-Mile Diet


This wildly successful series written by J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith details their commitment to only eat food produced within a 100 mile radius of their home.

"On March 21, the first day of spring, we took a vow to live with the rhythms of the land as our ancestors did. For one year we would only buy food and drink for home consumption that was produced within 100 miles of our home, a circle that takes in all the fertile Fraser Valley, the southern Gulf Islands and some of Vancouver Island, and the ocean between these zones. This terrain well served the European settlers of a hundred years ago, and the First Nations population for thousands of years before.

"This may sound like a lunatic Luddite scheme, but we had our reasons..."

So starts their first story in the series. To read more just click on the story links below.

In January 2006 they announced they had reached a book deal with Harmony in New York. The latest: Random House will be publishing their 100-Mile Diet book in Canada.

For more information on finding locally produced food visit the web site of Farm Folk/City Folk.

In This Series



Living on the 100-Mile Diet

Eating a truly local diet for a year poses some tricky questions. First in a series.

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 28 Jun 2005


100 Chickens

Wanted: A Perfectly Local Chicken

For a truly sustainable breakfast, which comes first? The tofu or the egg?

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 13 Jul 2005



A Local Eating Rhapsody

Why not try a 100-Mile Meal? Third in a series.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 27 Jul 2005


Allen Christian

Why We Pay Too Little for Well Travelled Food

Charging the true cost of "food miles" could change the way people eat. Fourth in a series

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 12 Aug 2005



The 100-Mile Diet Goes North

Wish you were here.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 23 Aug 2005



In Praise of the Lowly Pink Salmon

The 100-Milers pursue guilt-free fish for the winter stockpile.

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 9 Sep 2005



Getting Canned

The 100-Mile dieters stock up, and wish for a legion of grandmas.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 29 Sep 2005



Thanksgiving on the 100-Mile Diet

Friends in Vernon take to heart the ideals of local feasting.

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 10 Oct 2005


Red Fife Wheat

With the Grain on the 100-Mile Diet

Stalking barley and wheat, some of it 9,000 years old.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 2 Dec 2005



The Incredible Expanding 100-Mile Diet

No, we're not gaining weight. We're gaining allies.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 25 Jan 2006



End of Road for 100-Mile Diet?

In search of a happy ending for our local eating sojourn.

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 25 Apr 2006



Local Eating's Unlikely Capital

Devoted Powell River shrinks the 100-Mile Diet to fit its isolation.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 8 Aug 2006



100-Mile Diet's Winter Menu

For 'locavores,' year-round farmers' markets and easy recipes.

Jeff Nield, 3 Nov 2006


Winter Vegetables

100-Mile Chef Doesn't Have Cold Feet

BC's first totally local mid-winter restaurant menu.

Jeff Nield, 30 Nov 2006


Beluga whale head poking out of water

100-Mile Diet: Hand Picked from the Blog

'Food mile' foibles. And eating beluga whales.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 7 May 2007