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J.B. MacKinnon

J.B. MacKinnon is an independent magazine journalist and writer. He is the author of Dead Man in Paradise (Douglas & McIntyre, 2005), which won Canada’s highest award for literary nonfiction. He is also coauthor of The 100-Mile Diet (Random House, 2007, with Alisa Smith), a bestseller that is widely credited as a catalyst of the local foods movment, and I Live Here (Pantheon, 2008, written with Mia Kirshner, Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons), a unique “paper documentary” about displaced people.

J.B.'s Connection to BC: Born is Sheffield, England, but raised in Kamloops, B.C., J.B. loves this province. (He has been down nearly every highway and a lot of the dirt roads, too.)

Reporting Beat: Environment, food.

Website: J.B. MacKinnon

Stories by J.B. MacKinnon


Cry Wolf: Human Behaviour Once Again Endangers the Wolves of Vancouver Island

‘We are in a new wolf era.’

By J.B. MacKinnon, 23 Oct 2017


'Dear Cyberstalker' (An Arrested Kinder Morgan Protester Writes)

Ten responses to the trolls at #BurnabyMountain.

By J.B. MacKinnon, 24 Nov 2014


I Broke the Law to Defeat Climate Change

'White Rock 13' arrestee Lynne Quarmby on why she chose civil disobedience, and why she thinks you should, too. A preview of Friday's public event.

By J.B. MacKinnon, 19 Sep 2012


The Three Times a Day Manifesto

A 17-point exhortation to local food consciousness, from the authors of 'The 100-Mile Diet.'

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 26 Apr 2011


'Eat Your History' Series: Thanks for Your Ideas!

We asked for your BC food history tips, and received a horn of plenty.

By J.B. MacKinnon, 7 Oct 2009


Slurping Prawns, Sizing Up Organic Miles

Hand-picked entries from 100-Mile Diet blog.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 19 Jun 2007


100-Mile Diet: Hand Picked from the Blog

'Food mile' foibles. And eating beluga whales.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 7 May 2007


Local Eating's Unlikely Capital

Devoted Powell River shrinks the 100-Mile Diet to fit its isolation.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 8 Aug 2006


End of Road for 100-Mile Diet?

In search of a happy ending for our local eating sojourn.

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 25 Apr 2006


The Incredible Expanding 100-Mile Diet

No, we're not gaining weight. We're gaining allies.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 25 Jan 2006


With the Grain on the 100-Mile Diet

Stalking barley and wheat, some of it 9,000 years old.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 2 Dec 2005


Thanksgiving on the 100-Mile Diet

Friends in Vernon take to heart the ideals of local feasting.

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 10 Oct 2005


Getting Canned

The 100-Mile dieters stock up, and wish for a legion of grandmas.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 29 Sep 2005


In Praise of the Lowly Pink Salmon

The 100-Milers pursue guilt-free fish for the winter stockpile.

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 9 Sep 2005


The 100-Mile Diet Goes North

Wish you were here.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 23 Aug 2005


Why We Pay Too Little for Well Travelled Food

Charging the true cost of "food miles" could change the way people eat. Fourth in a series

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 12 Aug 2005


A Local Eating Rhapsody

Why not try a 100-Mile Meal? Third in a series.

By J.B. MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, 27 Jul 2005


Wanted: A Perfectly Local Chicken

For a truly sustainable breakfast, which comes first? The tofu or the egg?

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 13 Jul 2005


Living on the 100-Mile Diet

Eating a truly local diet for a year poses some tricky questions. First in a series.

By Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon, 28 Jun 2005