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Tyee's Blog Will Host Global Voices on US Election

How will world react? Check The Hook as people send dispatches from around the planet.

By Crawford Kilian 4 Nov 2008 | TheTyee.ca

Tyee contributing editor Crawford Kilian is coordinating the Tyee's global check-in on the U.S. election, to be published Tuesday and Wednesday on The Hook.

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Not many events in recent years have drawn and held the world's attention like tomorrow's election in the United States.

When one website asked everyone in the world to vote in the election, nearly three-quarters of a million votes flooded in (so far), with Obama way in the lead.

For Canadians, it's been yet another all-night party thrown by our noisy neighbours. We know about it whether we want to or not. Barack Obama and John McCain turn up on our TV and computer screens at least as often as our own political leaders. We have been collateral damage, bombarded by attack ads and infomercials aimed at U.S. voters. We know the issues, and what's at stake, at least as well as our American cousins.

We're not the only ones. We've seen Obama talk to a hundred thousand cheering Germans in the streets of Berlin. Two hundred million Indonesians are rooting for their adoptive favourite son. Africa in general, and Kenya in particular, are electrified by the prospect of a black American president.

What about the folks in other countries? What do they think about an election in a faraway country that most of them don't know and will never visit? We at The Tyee think you'll be interested to learn how people around the world are reacting to the campaign and to the election itself.

So starting Tuesday afternoon, and running well into Wednesday, we're bringing you reports from people all over the planet. As soon as the U.S. election results are known in Kabul, Terry Glavin will file from there to our political blog, The Hook. Other expatriate Canadians will check in from Beijing, Paris, and the United Arab Emirates. Our correspondents also include people in the United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, China, Egypt, and Iran. We hope to recruit still more overseas bloggers by Tuesday night.

Our worldwide bloggers are already sending us material, and we think you'll be struck by what they have to say. When possible, they'll update their reports as election results reach them.

However the world reacts on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, we'll see many surprises. Some of those surprises will be right here on The Hook. Drop in and share them with us.  [Tyee]

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