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Keeping Our BC 'Natural'

Natural BC image

Photo by Holly Pattison.

British Columbia's economy is growing. Much of that growth rests on expanded resource industries. Yet our laws designed to protect the unparalleled beauty and richness of the B.C. environment have been weakened, both federally and provincially, over the past decade.

This Tyee special series, in cooperation with the Environmental Law Centre at the University of Victoria, reveals what B.C.'s leading experts in environmental law say most needs to be fixed, and their specific suggestions for change. To read all their recommendations, download the free electronic publication "Maintaining Natural British Columbia for Our Children: Selected Law Reform Proposals."

In This Series



BC's Environmental Protection Has Fallen Behind

Leading law experts detail what needs to change. First in an occasional series.

By UVic Environmental Law Centre, 25 Mar 2013


BC nature scene

BC Land Use Plans Hardwired for Failure

Studies find multiple weaknesses in the process. Second in an occasional series.

By UVic Environmental Law Centre, 27 Mar 2013


BC mine

Fixing BC's Outdated Mining Laws

Ensuring we preserve nature and communities. Third in a series on how to improve BC's environmental protections.

By UVic Environmental Law Centre, 29 Mar 2013


Oil well image

Keeping the 'Patch' Positive for BC

The law needs to catch up to the oil and gas boom. Latest in a series on proposed enviro law reforms.

By Karen Campbell and Emma Hume, 3 Apr 2013



A BC Forest Policy for the 21st Century

New laws needed for balanced protection of a vital resource. Latest in a series.

By Jessica Clogg, 6 Apr 2013



How to Modernize BC's 100-Year-Old 'Water Act'

At risk is nature's lifeblood. Latest in a series on reforming our enviro laws.

By Jennifer Cameron and Deborah Curran, 12 Apr 2013



The Fish Protection that Got Away

BC needs to step in to fill gaps made in Ottawa. Latest in series on proposed enviro reforms.

By Deborah Curran and Megan Seiling, 13 Apr 2013


Toba Inlet

River Power? Make BC's Renewables Policy Credible

Needed: transparent, localized planning for sustainable power. Latest in enviro law reforms series.

By Josh Paterson, 18 Apr 2013


Photo of a path

Needed: New Laws to Protect BC's Urban Nature

Only a few years remain to protect natural areas in our communities.

By Calvin Sandborn, 25 Apr 2013


Squamish marina

The Case For a Coastal Zone Management Act

Shore up BC's coastal defences. Latest in a series of reforms proposed by UVic's Environmental Law Centre.

By Jamie Alley and Calvin Sandborn, 2 May 2013



Will BC's Next Gov't Defuse Toxic Time Bombs?

A century of pollution creates the need to reform contaminated sites laws.

By Wally Braul, 6 May 2013



BC Needs a Provincial Carbon Budget

If it works for conserving money, it will for carbon. Latest in series on enviro law reforms needed for BC.

By Andrew Gage, 8 May 2013


Pollution shot

Put People on Par with Industry in Enviro Tribunals

And give the B.C. public a chance at justice. Latest in a series of proposed law reforms.

By Ethan Krindle, Mark Haddock and Calvin Sandborn, 9 May 2013


'No Gas on the Dyke'

What about an Environmental Bill of Rights?

Rebalance BC law's current tilt in favour of private rights. Part of a series.

By Jennifer Cameron and Jacqueline Lebel, 10 May 2013


BC legislature

British Columbians Have a Right to Know

Citizens, and nature, too, need a new, improved Freedom of Information law. Last in a series.

By Vincent Gogolek and Murray Rankin, QC, 13 May 2013