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Beautiful Relationships: How Local Enterprises Thrive Together

Reporters Luke Brocki and Sarah Berman follow the threads tying various local businesses together, knitting a strong and vibrant economy. Along the way they probe what makes local businesses sustainable and what can be done to encourage strong local economies.

In This Series



Beautiful Relationships: How Five Local Enterprises Thrive Together

Regional roots link coffee beans to greener fuel to sprouting lawns. First in an occasional series.

By Luke Brocki, 5 Dec 2012


Shift Urban Cargo

Beautiful Relationships: Making Local Biz Fizz

This recipe blends office supplies, bread-toting tricycles, eco-boxes and chefs in training. Second in a series.

By Luke Brocki, 21 Dec 2012



Beautiful Relationships: How to Make a Local Biz Salad

Ingredients: rooftop farm, online grocer, tricycle couriers, swank eateries, supermarkets. Sprinkle with local lending. Third in a series.

By Luke Brocki, 17 Jan 2013


Earnest Ice Cream

Beautiful Relationships: Sweet Cooperation Helps Local Biz Thrive

A quest for East Van treats links creameries, breweries and manufacturers. Fourth in a series.

By Sarah Berman, 6 Feb 2013


Nicole Bridger

Beautiful Relationships: Vancouver's Tight Knit Garment Industry

Small, creative, stitched together: exploring fashion's local supply chain. Fifth in a series.

By Sarah Berman, 6 Mar 2013



Beautiful Relationships: Crafty Alliances Brew Local Biz Success

Vancouver brewers and distillers benefit from a sharing spirit. Part of a series.

By Jesse Donaldson, 16 Nov 2013



Beautiful Relationships: Local Biz Sees the Upside of Dung

For Cowpower, green and local energy is only a field away.

By Jesse Donaldson, 3 Mar 2014



Beautiful Relationships: On Record Store Day, a Local Industry Amplified

Seven years in, bands and vinyl shops have found their groove. Part of a series.

By Jesse Donaldson, 26 Apr 2014

Real Cities Give Their People Places to Pee

Public washrooms should be plentiful and accessible, says one scholar. And cities that do flush, flourish.

By Christopher Cheung