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Wow! Let’s Add to Our Fundraiser Success

Readers quickly eclipsed our aim to pay for more solutions journalism. So here’s a Dec. 31 ‘stretch goal.’ Help grow our Alberta reporting!

Jeanette Ageson and David Beers 26 Dec

Jeanette Ageson is publisher of The Tyee. David Beers is founding editor of The Tyee.

On Dec. 5, we invited Tyee readers to help us do more solutions journalism in 2023.

We’d read the room and sensed folks were overwhelmed with doom and gloom.

We pledged to triple the amount of solutions stories we do next year here at The Tyee because we agree — what the world needs more of is trustworthy reporting that not only exposes what is going wrong but also explores what might go right and who is leading the way.

Our goal was to raise $75,000 by midnight on Dec. 31, and what do you know, we hit our goal early!

We’re truly humbled by the strong support our community shows each time we ask you to join in our ambitions.

Overall, we know times are tough and many household budgets are tight this year, so we deeply appreciate our readers for continuing to contribute to our editorial budget.

We now have the resources to meet our pledge to do three times as much solutions journalism next year. We’ll be drawing on suggestions from everyone who contributed. We asked our new Tyee Builders for their solutions journalism priorities and ideas and, as we write this, we have over 170 submissions to our survey, with a ton of story ideas and tips.

If you haven’t yet become a Tyee Builder, please help us reach an additional stretch goal. With about a week left in our year-end member drive, we are inviting you to help us substantially expand our Alberta reporting.

582px version of Andrew Nikiforuk w/ baseball cap
Turn Andrew Nikiforuk loose to cover more Alberta issues, along with Tyee colleagues Charles Rusnell, Geoff Dembicki and others.

In the past year or so, we’ve noted the number of Tyee readers interested in Alberta issues has grown steeply. That’s no doubt due to our coverage by journalists including Andrew Nikiforuk, Charles Rusnell, Ximena Gonzalez, Geoff Dembicki and David Climenhaga. We already can point to plenty of impact.

Heck, Andrew Nikiforuk’s relentless reporting has been credited as key to stopping plans by Jason Kenney’s government to turn sensitive Rocky Mountain slopes into vast open pit coal mines.

And, fresh to our pages, ace investigative reporter Charles Rusnell already has broken a number of stories on The Tyee, among our most read in 2022.

Now, with an election not far off in Alberta, we are hearing from many who care about the province’s future that they value the independence of Tyee reporting and want more of it.

Can do! If, that is, we have the resources.

So we’re shooting for $25,000 more by Dec. 31, making our total goal this month a cool $100,000. Are you in? Go to our Tyee Builders page and contribute an amount that works for you.

The Tyee’s non-profit, paywall-free, reader-supported business model is pretty great. We come up with ideas in collaboration with you, our community. We test the waters to see if there is sufficient support — and if so, we’re off to the races.

If you’d like to see more solutions journalism, more Alberta coverage, and just a stronger, thriving independent media scene in general, please consider joining Tyee Builders and helping us reach our stretch goal by Dec. 31. We share your information with no one and you can change your mind at any time.

Thanks for considering. Sending our gratitude and best wishes to all during this holiday season.

Happy holidays, readers. Our comment threads will be closed from Friday, Dec. 23 until Tuesday, Jan. 3 to give our moderators a well-deserved break. See you in 2023!  [Tyee]

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