John Horgan to Leapers: NDP Needs Your Help

Leader responds to open letter published on Tyee: 'I know that part of my job is to inspire you.'

By John Horgan 3 Mar 2016 | TheTyee.ca

John Horgan is leader of the B.C. New Democratic Party.

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NDP leader John Horgan responds to activists asking for 'something meaningful to work for.'

[Editor's note: On Monday, The Tyee published an open letter by five British Columbian activists encouraging BC NDP leader John Horgan to take "bold" action in the lead-up to the 2017 provincial election. "Don't campaign simply as a kinder version of an extractivist, austerity party," they wrote. Below, we publish Horgan's response sent to The Tyee on Tuesday.]

Dear Christine, Jessie, Jess, Eugene and Edith,

I was glad to see your open letter to me the other day. It inspired me to write back, and not just because you said I seem like a good guy.

We need to see change in this province in 2017. And I know that part of my job is to inspire you and others to vote for a better way.

We're going to get there with big ideas and hard work.

Here's one big idea we've already introduced -- Power BC, a plan to protect our energy future and create jobs. It's a plan that would save energy through province-wide retrofitting, and invest in the green energy solutions that will power our future. It would create jobs across the province, and save families from out-of-control hydro bills. Oh, and it will lower our carbon emissions at the same time. It's a smart plan for a better B.C.

You can expect more ideas like that from us on the road to 2017. Ideas that will make life in this province better for everyone, not just people who are well connected.

To get there, we also need an inspiring team working hard every day.

You probably heard that two new members have just joined our Caucus. New MLAs Melanie Mark in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant, and Jodie Wickens in Coquitlam-Burke Mountain, got mad and got motivated about just the things you talk about in your letter. And then they made the decision to join with me and the NDP because they could see us working for real change.

They joined a team of New Democrats who are working every day for the British Columbians that Christy Clark is ignoring. They join George Heyman, who is shining a spotlight on the government's failure to protect our air, land and water. They join Rob Fleming, David Eby and Judy Darcy, who are fighting to protect the healthy schools, affordable housing and accessible quality health care we depend on. They join Scott Fraser, who is challenging this government's dismissive attitude towards indigenous rights and title, and Michelle Mungall, who fought against the government's heartless support clawbacks from B.C.'s poorest kids -- and won.

Like you, I don't think we can afford another four years of the BC Liberals -- four more years of being nickel and dimed by fees and taxes, and four more years of eroding public services and environmental protection. We need a government that will do better.

So do join in. Volunteer and be part of the team that will bring change in B.C. To succeed in 2017 we need the ideas, the energy and the determination of all British Columbians like you.

I hope someday we can get that beer and talk more about the future of this province, and building a better B.C.  [Tyee]

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