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Michal Rozworski

Stories by Michal Rozworski


Media Got the Minimum Wage Story Wrong

Stories about projected job losses rely on outdated economics and ignore substantial expected benefits for workers.

By Michal Rozworski, 5 Jan 2018


Fear Uber? You're No Techno-phobe

Tech is great, if we use it for a true 'sharing economy' that empowers workers.

By Michal Rozworski, 15 Dec 2015


Recession Election: Leaders, Give Us a Grown-up Debate

Niggling about deficits deprives voters of the honest facts and options.

By Michal Rozworski, 1 Sep 2015


Canada's Harsh 'Austerity' Policies Started with Liberals

Don't make Harper the face of slashed supports for workers. It's a two-decade tradition.

By Michal Rozworski, 25 Aug 2015


Minimum Wage Workers Not the Only Ones Getting Screwed

In reality, most British Columbians' pay barely keeps pace with price increases.

By Michal Rozworski, 17 Mar 2015


Five Myths to Bust about Minimum Wage Hikes

Because poverty wages have no place in today's economy. I'm looking at you, BC.

By Michal Rozworski, 8 Mar 2014