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Frank Viviano

Frank Viviano was raised in Detroit, but spent much of his childhood in Ontario. He has a PhD in American Studies from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).

Frank was a China correspondent for 12 years, an Eastern Europe/former Soviet Union correspondent for 10 years, and a European correspondent for 10 years. He has written for the Pacific News Service, Far Eastern Economic Review, San Francisco Chronicle, and National Geographic Magazine, and is the author of seven books.

Reporting Beat: Foreign affairs.

Stories by Frank Viviano


Reality Check for Europe Bashing Republicans

A resident of Italy argues the American Dream has emigrated to his continent. Canada's, too?

By Frank Viviano, 25 Jan 2012


Wall Street Occupiers, Don't Forget Ballot Box

Protesting without voting is just what the right hopes you'll do. Witness latest U.S. and Canadian elections.

By Frank Viviano, 19 Oct 2011


In Saudi Arabia, a New Era for Women

Thousands educated beyond the kingdom return home to exert pressure for political change.

By Frank Viviano, 29 Sep 2011


A Decade after 9-11, Turkey Redefines Political Islam

Here is thriving proof that a Muslim majority, democracy and economic modernization are compatible.

By Frank Viviano, 12 Sep 2011


Islam at the Crossroads

A decade after 9-11, the Muslim world is gripped by an insurgency vastly different than expected.

By Frank Viviano, 9 Sep 2011


Is Western Democracy Shattering?

Waning: faith in the US, and an informative press. Rising: violent alienation and a constellation of Tea Parties.

By Frank Viviano, 15 Aug 2011


Ground Zero in Guatemala's Homicidal Drug Nightmare

With a machete at one's throat, the case to decriminalize cocaine comes sharply into focus.

By Frank Viviano, 8 Aug 2011


Norway Nightmare Sounds Alarm Bells in Europe

Anti-immigrant parties flourish across the continent. Is this where they lead?

By Frank Viviano, 26 Jul 2011