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Tyee's 'BC Blogs' List Revamped

More sites. 31 categories. And a Blog of the Week spotlighted.

By Crawford Kilian 29 Apr 2009 | TheTyee.ca

Tyee contributing editor Crawford Kilian, who oversaw this improvement of the BC Blogs listing, has been blogging for five years, and publishes a number of blogs on topics ranging from English usage to BC's black pioneers to pandemic flu. He's the author of Writing for the Web, now in its fourth edition, and his next book will be Write Your Nonfiction Book Online.

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Hundreds of British Columbians are blogging hard these days, and The Tyee is keeping track of them.

Today we're launching an updated B.C. Blogs section. Explore and you'll find more categories, and many new sites.

We're using slightly different criteria for inclusion in B.C. Blogs. If a site hasn't been updated in the last two months, we've dropped it. (Bloggers can get back on the list just by posting something new and letting us know about it.)

If a site is about B.C., or it's by a British Columbian inside or outside the province, we'd like to include it. (Neighbours are also welcome. Hear that Alberta? Alaska? Washington state?)

Yes, blogs are often about many topics, but one issue usually predominates. If your site is on the list, but you think it's in the wrong category, let us know.

Fair warning: We'll drop your site if we judge its content to be abusive, defamatory or illegal.

We're also featuring a Blog of the Week, a site whose good writing, good design, and distinctive personality qualify it for lots of attention. We're interested in new blogs, especially in business, education, politics, and the professions. If you know of such sites, please send us the links.

Blogs are among the most eloquent voices in B.C., and The Tyee is proud and happy to offer them a forum.

Visit our new and improved BC Blogs listing here.

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