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'The Arrogant Autocrat: Stephen Harper's Takeover of Canada' by Mel Hurtig


Five excerpts from the new book by Mel Hurtig, the renowned Canadian nationalist, debunk the Conservatives' oft bragged myth that Harper is a skilled manager of the economy and federal finances.

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Mel Hurtig Tags Stephen Harper: 'The Arrogant Autocrat'

The great Canadian nationalist talks to The Tyee. Read slices of his razor-like book here all week.

By David Beers, 8 Jun 2015



Busting Harper's Favourite Myth: He's Been Hell on Canada's Economy

Canada got less competitive under Tories. And more tough truths from Mel Hurtig's new book. First excerpt in a series.

By Mel Hurtig, 8 Jun 2015


Canadian flag puzzle piece

Harper Shrugs as Foreigners Snap up Canadian-Owned Companies

PM waves goodbye to home-grown successes that should anchor economy. Second in a series.

By Mel Hurtig, 9 Jun 2015



Stephen Harper, Jobs Killer

When Tories brag about 'their' economy, pull up these grim unemployment facts. Third in a series.

By Mel Hurtig, 10 Jun 2015


Choking on down arrows

Eight Ways the Harper Economy Is a Bust

These reality check truths are bound to dog Tories on election trail. Fourth in a series.

By Mel Hurtig, 11 Jun 2015


Prime Minister Stephen Harper

How Harper Put Canada Massively in the Red

He ate up a huge federal surplus, piled up six deficits. This PM wants to run on fiscal smarts? Last in series.

By Mel Hurtig, 12 Jun 2015