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Back to School, Fall 2012

Math tutor

A wide-ranging Tyee series by various writers touching on controversial education related topics ranging from tutor effectiveness to public school support to courting international students to help pay the bills.

In This Series


Math tutor

Does the Tutor 'Advantage' Really Add Up?

One of three parents send their kids to private tutors. Are they buying the educational edge they think they are?

By Katie Hyslop, 4 Sep 2012



My Public Investigation

A public school teacher confronts his anxiety about private education in BC.

By Nick Smith, 5 Sep 2012


Child in window

Welcome to My Class

This inner city public school teacher isn't asking for charity. Her students need something else from us.

By Anna Chudnovsky, 6 Sep 2012


A bright idea

BC's Push for More Foreign Students Full of Risks Say Critics

Teachers, students wary of an international student strategy without more cash, space or faculty.

By Katie Hyslop, 7 Sep 2012



Raising the Grade on What BC Kids Learn About Aboriginal People

When it comes to our first peoples, Canadians are pretty ignorant. Critics say school is a prime place to fix that.

By Katie Hyslop, 10 Sep 2012



BC Public Education, a Success Story

There's always room to improve, but next time you hear public schools are deteriorating consider these facts.

By Charles Ungerleider, 8 Sep 2012