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Secrets to Norway's Petro-Wealth: Lessons for Canada?

Norway and Canadian flags

At the moment when Canada is making the transition to petro-state, ironing out internal agreements among provinces and external deals with major powers including China and the United States, The Tyee sent veteran energy issues journalist Mitch Anderson to Norway to learn why that nation has been able to amass a $600 billion savings fund for its population of under 5 million, a stark contrast to the situation here.

The series is part of a larger project, "Canada's Transition to a Better Energy Future," produced by The Tyee in collaboration with Tides Canada Initiatives Society.

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Oil Wealth: Should Norway Be the Canadian Way?

How did Norwegians get so petro-smart? The Tyee sent Mitchell Anderson there to find out. First of his reports.

By Mitchell Anderson, 25 Jul 2012


Norwegian postage stamp

Against Big Oil, Norway Channels Its Inner Viking

How history and geography shaped the world's most shrewd petro-state. Second in a series.

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Canada Doesn't Obey Oil-Rich Norway's 'Ten Commandments'

Forty years ago petro giants called Norwegians' demands crazy. They paid off handsomely. Third in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 8 Aug 2012



Norway vs. Canada: Where to Draw the Line with Big Oil

By owning a large stake in the business, Norway has more control over safety and the bottom line. Fourth in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 15 Aug 2012


Oil expert Rolf Wiborg

Rolf Wiborg's Tough Love for Canada

A top petro engineer for wealthy Norway says Canada is 'a fantastic country' that's 'totally mismanaged by design.' Fifth in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 22 Aug 2012



Greenpeace's 'Open' Relationship with Oil-Rich Norway

Rather than demonize enviros, the state invites their input. Sixth in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 5 Sep 2012


Peter Jarrett, OECD economist

Canada Next? Oil Money Drives Prices Sky High in Norway

Don't try to tell Norwegians not to worry about Dutch Disease. Pizzas cost $50. Latest in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 12 Sep 2012



The Mistake that Cost Norway Huge in Oil Wealth

Spooked by '80s recession, it sped up extraction of crude worth way more today. Eighth in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 26 Sep 2012


Economist Robyn Allan

'Canada Is Being Outplayed' at Oil Wealth Game

But we can win says economist Robyn Allan. Last in a series on Norway's petro-policies and lessons here.

By Mitchell Anderson, 3 Oct 2012