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Mitchell Anderson

Stories by Mitchell Anderson


Is Donald Trump a Sociopath?

Doctors say yes — and that should disqualify him from the presidency.

By Mitchell Anderson, 18 Jan 2018


Energy Innovation Means Site C Already a White Elephant

From battery storage to cheap solar, tech change is set to upend traditional utilities like BC Hydro.

By Mitchell Anderson, 25 Sep 2017


One Thing about Nazis…

They’ve brought long-festering racism into revolting view. Time to burst the boil.

By Mitchell Anderson, 21 Aug 2017


Canada and the Looting of ‘Africa’s Last Colony’

A ship full of phosphates is scheduled to unload in North Van; an African nation says they are stolen.

By Mitchell Anderson, 22 Jun 2017


Where Have America’s Real Conservatives Gone?

The ones who valued moral propriety, rigorous policy, public decency — and not grabbing women?

By Mitchell Anderson, 20 Feb 2017


Trump’s Despotically Dispensed ‘Truth’ Doomed by Reality

Disruptive technologies matter more than politician’s bluster and fakery.

By Mitchell Anderson, 8 Feb 2017


We’ve Let Vancouver Become a Playground for Plutocrats

Staggering increases in property value attract wealthy investors and force the rest of us out.

By Mitchell Anderson, 30 Jan 2017


The Shell Game: Canada’s Lax Disclosure Laws Open Door to Tax Fraud, Money Laundering

Transparency International warns against country becoming a ‘haven for corrupt capital.’

By Mitchell Anderson, 2 Jan 2017


Abandon Your Facebook Feed

Social media divided America, with catastrophic consequences. Now reality itself needs defending.

By Mitchell Anderson, 18 Nov 2016


America’s Sorry State Is No Accident

Powerful interests have worked hard — and won much — promoting misinformation and ignorance.

By Mitchell Anderson, 22 Sep 2016


Think Trump’s Impossible? I Have Two Words for You

‘Rob Ford.’

By Mitchell Anderson, 30 Aug 2016


BC's Lax Investment Rules Endanger Vulnerable Overseas Workers

Chinese capital flight to places like Vancouver creates risk of disaster for hundreds of millions of labourers.

By Mitchell Anderson, 4 Jul 2016


Alberta, Canada Needs You to Stay an Energy Powerhouse

Opportunity lies with myriad 'orphan wells' left by drillers.

By Mitchell Anderson, 6 Jun 2016


Vancouver, Let's Stand Up to Moneyed Interests of Real Estate

Given the trajectory of affordability in this city, what do concerned residents have to lose?

By Mitchell Anderson, 23 May 2016


The Year the Oil Bubble Burst

As companies are forced to slash value of reserves, industry faces a grim new future.

By Mitchell Anderson, 4 Apr 2016


Why Trump's Ugly Campaign Could Be Good for His Country

The GOP wrecking ball may one day be seen a purifying force.

By Mitchell Anderson, 21 Mar 2016


It's Time Governments Treated Real Estate as a Public Resource

Forget natural gas, forests or mines -- housing is BC's big asset.

By Mitchell Anderson, 22 Feb 2016


Psst, Trudeau: IMF Now Pegs Our Fossil Fuel Subsidies at $46 Billion

Fastest way to transition Canada to a green economy? Quit the giveaways.

By Mitchell Anderson, 1 Feb 2016


Weird as It Sounds, Cheap Oil Fights Climate Change

Why lower global prices for crude mean more of it stays in the ground.

By Mitchell Anderson, 12 Dec 2015


The World Needs More of Canada's Tolerant Hoser Wisdom

We’re far from perfect. But on better days, we punch bigotry in the face.

By Mitchell Anderson, 7 Dec 2015


Time to Investigate Tax Audits on Left-Leaning Charities

Only a public inquiry can clean the wound left by the CRA under Harper.

By Mitchell Anderson, 26 Nov 2015


Responding to Paris, and the Endless Retribution Cycle

Stoking vengeance is the business case of terrorism. Know its roots, and our allies.

By Mitchell Anderson, 16 Nov 2015


Trust Trudeau? I'll Wait and See

Canada's young prince promises 'real change.' I can't help but be wary.

By Mitchell Anderson, 23 Oct 2015


How Tories Dumped Your Interests at the Pump

Oil is cheaper by half. So why don't feds try and deliver savings to drivers?

By Mitchell Anderson, 6 Oct 2015


Don't Live in a Swing Riding? Try Donating Strategically

New site helps send money to candidates poised to oust Conservatives.

By Mitchell Anderson, 25 Sep 2015


Harper's Worst Offense against Refugees May Be His Climate Record

Scorching effects of rising temperatures add to chaos in the Middle East, scientists say.

By Mitchell Anderson, 7 Sep 2015


Transit-Tax Hungry Vancouver Hands Drivers Massive Free Lunch

Wait, what's the return on all that pricey urban land area devoted to cars?

By Mitchell Anderson, 15 Jul 2015


With NDP Win, Alberta Votes against 40-Year Ideological Infection

Once patient zero in a nation-wide contagion, the province shows resistance.

By Mitchell Anderson, 20 May 2015


Albertans Summon Nerve as Election Upset Looms

Voters want to know: where did all our money go?

By Mitchell Anderson, 4 May 2015


Albertans Have Plenty of Reason to Norwail

Yet right-wing pundits reject comparisons between sensible Norway and the economic disaster of Alberta.

By Mitchell Anderson, 14 Apr 2015


Vancouver's Preview of a Spill from Hell

After this week's mess, does anyone still think bitumen tankers pose no risk to our coast?

By Mitchell Anderson, 10 Apr 2015


Rich Spared as Alberta Deficit Balloons

Ordinary Albertans shoulder burden of 'fiscal fiasco.'

By Mitchell Anderson, 7 Apr 2015


Harper's Terror Rhetoric Is Alienating Allies

Amped-up talk frustrates Mubin Shaikh, an ex-CSIS operative on the front lines of fighting extremism.

By Mitchell Anderson, 3 Mar 2015


Cheap Oil Could Save the Planet

Sounds crazy, but analysis by financial think tank Carbon Tracker shows how it works.

By Mitchell Anderson, 31 Jan 2015


Alberta's Crazy Oil Bender Is Over

Now stuck with a crude hangover, it could've been like wise and sober Norway.

By Mitchell Anderson, 19 Jan 2015


Expert Engineers Deem Trans Mountain Too Dangerous

One in 10 chance of Burrard Inlet disaster, riskier than Northern Gateway, says letter to NEB.

By Mitchell Anderson, 15 Dec 2014


Is This the Best Use of Our Police Resources?

It's unclear what enforcing the Burnaby Mountain injunction costs, but we found clues.

By Mitchell Anderson, 26 Nov 2014


Fresh off Title Victory, Tsilhqot'in Unveil Tribal Park

First Nation shows it now intends to drive decision-making in its traditional territory.

By Mitchell Anderson, 3 Nov 2014


The Enemy Is Neglect of Mental Illness

The Ottawa shooter hardly fits the mould of sleeper cell terrorist.

By Mitchell Anderson, 25 Oct 2014


With FIPA, Harper Shows There's More than One Way to Skin a Constitution

Why else would he sign such a crappy deal?

By Mitchell Anderson, 25 Sep 2014


Tsilhqot'in Nation Gives Canada a New Chance to Do It Right

Why our era of resource giveaways may be over.

By Mitchell Anderson, 30 Jun 2014


On Gateway, Harper Should've Asked: What Would Norway Do?

Again he ignores huge lessons from the world's shrewdest petro-state.

By Mitchell Anderson, 19 Jun 2014


Look Who Financial Post Found to Defend Canada's Gifts to Big Oil

Think tanker scorns IMF, World Bank economists (and my Tyee piece).

By Mitchell Anderson, 13 Jun 2014


IMF Pegs Canada's Fossil Fuel Subsidies at $34 Billion

In such giveaways we're a world leader, a fact rarely noted when federal budgets are debated.

By Mitchell Anderson, 15 May 2014


Canada Is a Lousy Oil Negotiator

We collected less than one-fifth the tax and royalty benefits Norway did in 2012. Ouch.

By Mitchell Anderson, 31 Mar 2014


The Verdict on Thatcherism Is Clear

Simply compare how her UK squandered its oil wealth compared to Norway.

By Mitchell Anderson, 10 Mar 2014


Canada's Real Problem with Intrusive Foreign Interests

With key Harperites so tied to US conservative institutions, who's in control of our vast natural wealth?

By Mitchell Anderson, 24 Feb 2014


Creepy Canada

Now we're the Great Weird North, where citizens are to be spied on and not heard.

By Mitchell Anderson, 11 Feb 2014


If Every Norwegian's a Millionaire, Why's Alberta in Hock?

Norway cut a proper deal with oil corporations. Canadians got screwed.

By Mitchell Anderson, 15 Jan 2014


While the Crack Pipe's Hot, De-Amalgamate Toronto

Ten reasons for Torontonians against Ford Nation to unite now and take back their city.

By Mitchell Anderson, 11 Nov 2013


Along with Ford, Canada's Political Leadership Hits Rock Bottom

The mayor's gift for dumbing down democracy isn't limited to Toronto suburbs.

By Mitchell Anderson, 6 Nov 2013


Stephen Harper's Gift to Canada

As planned, we were getting very bored with democracy. The prime minister woke us up.

By Mitchell Anderson, 28 Oct 2013


Canadian Agri-Business Linked to Moroccan Conflict Mineral

Agrium's import of phosphate from occupied Western Sahara raises serious legal, ethical questions.

By Mitchell Anderson, 14 Oct 2013


The House of the Future Is Passive

Ultra-efficient homes can drastically cut carbon emissions, and utility bills.

By Mitchell Anderson, 25 Sep 2013


VIEW: Reclaim Point Grey Road for the public good

By Mitchell Anderson, 29 Jul 2013


How Not to Elect a Sociopath

Simple test could weed out candidates incapable of acting in public interest.

By Mitchell Anderson, 9 Jul 2013


Raise Oil Sands Tax, Save Alberta (and Our Climate)

Province's citizens deserve more return, planet deserves a chance.

By Mitchell Anderson, 4 Jun 2013


How Rob Ford's Meltdown Could Save Toronto

Mayor's latest outrageous behavior may be catalyst city needs to open de-amalgamation debate.

By Mitchell Anderson, 23 May 2013


Idle No More, Meet the Norwegians

Canada's elite lack guts dealing with oil giants. First Nations might embolden all of us.

By Mitchell Anderson, 10 Jan 2013


Seven Busted Budgets? Change Alberta's Losing Game

Oil riches wasted discredit the 'Calgary School.' But a proven path to prosperity exists.

By Mitchell Anderson, 19 Dec 2012


Who Can Stop Psychopaths from Ruining Companies? Insurers

Top execs devoid of consciences cost insurers big money. Tests could weed them out.

By Mitchell Anderson, 20 Nov 2012


'Canada Is Being Outplayed' at Oil Wealth Game

But we can win says economist Robyn Allan. Last in a series on Norway's petro-policies and lessons here.

By Mitchell Anderson, 3 Oct 2012


The Mistake that Cost Norway Huge in Oil Wealth

Spooked by '80s recession, it sped up extraction of crude worth way more today. Eighth in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 26 Sep 2012


Canada Next? Oil Money Drives Prices Sky High in Norway

Don't try to tell Norwegians not to worry about Dutch Disease. Pizzas cost $50. Latest in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 12 Sep 2012


Greenpeace's 'Open' Relationship with Oil-Rich Norway

Rather than demonize enviros, the state invites their input. Sixth in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 5 Sep 2012


Rolf Wiborg's Tough Love for Canada

A top petro engineer for wealthy Norway says Canada is 'a fantastic country' that's 'totally mismanaged by design.' Fifth in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 22 Aug 2012


Norway vs. Canada: Where to Draw the Line with Big Oil

By owning a large stake in the business, Norway has more control over safety and the bottom line. Fourth in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 15 Aug 2012


Canada Doesn't Obey Oil-Rich Norway's 'Ten Commandments'

Forty years ago petro giants called Norwegians' demands crazy. They paid off handsomely. Third in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 8 Aug 2012


Against Big Oil, Norway Channels Its Inner Viking

How history and geography shaped the world's most shrewd petro-state. Second in a series.

By Mitchell Anderson, 1 Aug 2012


Oil Wealth: Should Norway Be the Canadian Way?

How did Norwegians get so petro-smart? The Tyee sent Mitchell Anderson there to find out. First of his reports.

By Mitchell Anderson, 25 Jul 2012


Vancouver Oil Sands Tanker Spill Could Cause Evacuation Nightmare

Diluted bitumen creates toxic cloud public would be forced to flee, as occurred in Kalamazoo.

By Mitchell Anderson, 4 Jun 2012


Albertans: Gripped by Stockholm Syndrome?

Concessions to Big Oil keep causing deficits. Yet Wildrose promises deeper petro-captivity.

By Mitchell Anderson, 18 Apr 2012


Spill from Hell: Diluted Bitumen

Poisoned air. Sunken gunk. A clean-up nightmare. What we're learning from the oil sands 'DilBit' dump into the Kalamazoo River.

By Mitchell Anderson, 5 Mar 2012


Idea #1: Link Money with Natural Capital

As currencies across the globe corrode, it's time to peg wealth to something real.

By Mitchell Anderson, 19 Dec 2011


Time to Test Corporate Leaders to Weed out Psychopaths

Shark-like, they rise fast but risk killing the world economy, concludes a business professor.

By Mitchell Anderson, 21 Nov 2011


Nothing's More American than Fighting Greedy Bankers

Way ahead of Occupiers, US founding leaders raged against powerful, corrupting financiers.

By Mitchell Anderson, 27 Oct 2011


Europe's Own Arms Dealers and Loan Peddlers Took Down Greece

Profit-hungry bankers, weapons makers pushed EU member over brink.

By Mitchell Anderson, 5 Oct 2011


If Global Economy Crumbles, Blame Murdoch

His greed driven agenda to misinform the US public has led to political meltdown and debt disaster.

By Mitchell Anderson, 18 Jul 2011


Kinder Morgan's Grand Plan to Pipe Oil Sands Crude

Tankers in Vancouver harbour to steeply increase. Second pipeline to Kitimat could eclipse proposed Enbridge project.

By Mitchell Anderson, 2 Jun 2011


Just Say No to Celebrity Extremists

Big name zealots locked in a symbiosis of hatred. Are we finally moving on?

By Mitchell Anderson, 11 May 2011


'Stephen Harper vs. Canada': 2004 Case Could Spell Canada's Future

Change flow of money to parties and you control Parliament. Harper's plan for locking in a permanent Conservative advantage.

By Mitchell Anderson, 19 Apr 2011


Alberta's Oil Wealth and the Big Question for Harper

PM's favourite province squandered its petro profits like a 'banana republic.' Is this any way to run an economy?

By Mitchell Anderson, 13 Apr 2011


Ready to Pay to Stop Harper? Swing 33 Shows How

New website, not affiliated with any party, identifies races where political donations pack most punch against Conservatives.

By Mitchell Anderson, 4 Apr 2011


If the $30 Billion We Give Oil Sands Went to Green Energy

What could Canada achieve then? Here's the jaw-dropping answer.

By Mitchell Anderson, 26 Nov 2010


Why Is Canada Freezing out Geothermal Power?

We're a world leader at creating it -- just about everywhere except in our own country.

By Mitchell Anderson, 19 Nov 2010


$1.7 Billion and Rising: Taxpayers' Gas Bill for Oil Sands

Extractors gobble natural gas, deducting the cost from their taxes. That already huge public subsidy, hidden from view, is due to balloon.

By Mitchell Anderson, 9 Nov 2010


Feds' Foggy Reply to Tug Crewing Questions

Despite earlier denial, Transport Canada apparently OK with two-man crews at treacherous Second Narrows.

By Mitchell Anderson, 19 Oct 2010


No, Double Hull Tankers Do Not Ensure 'Total Safety'

Contrary to industry reassurances, Vancouver faces increasing risks of oil spill.

By Mitchell Anderson, 27 Sep 2010


Regs Still Tight on Tug Crew Sizes, Says Transport Canada

Tug crew guild member stands by claim that risky staffing does occur in Vancouver's port.

By Mitchell Anderson, 16 Jul 2010


Alarm Sounded: Tanker Tug Crews Too Thin in Vancouver

Dangerous 'loophole' lets tugs with half normal crew escort oil-laden ships in Vancouver port, says maritime guild official.

By Mitchell Anderson, 9 Jul 2010


Ed Stelmach's Clumsy American Romance

Alberta's premier made citizens buy a heavy-breathing Washington Post ad pushing dirty energy. Embarrassing.

By Mitchell Anderson, 7 Jul 2010


Global Forces Making Vancouver a Major Oil Port

China craves oil sands fuel. Ottawa wants to diversify its US market. So huge amounts of crude will have to pass through a risky Second Narrows.

By Mitchell Anderson, 17 Jun 2010


Big Jump in Oil Tankers in Vancouver's Port

Flow of tar sands crude to Burrard Inlet rising, and will more than double: Kinder Morgan.

By Mitchell Anderson, 3 Jun 2010


Feds Undercut BC's Oil Spill Prevention Panel

Tories rewriting safety regs with no input from their own expert panel, says member.

By Mitchell Anderson, 31 May 2010


The Gulf Spill: Watch and Learn, BC Leaders

Oil corporations downplay risk, then duck responsibility. Maybe this catastrophe will finally sink in.

By Mitchell Anderson, 3 May 2010


Feds Fire Back at Tyee's 'Muzzled Scientists' Column

And the column's author responds to Environment Canada's defence of its practices.

By Charles Slowey and Mitchell Anderson, 1 Apr 2010


Harper's Humiliating Muzzle on Scientists

Canada is becoming a global joke as our world-class experts are prohibited from speaking.

By Mitchell Anderson, 25 Mar 2010


Could Olympics Undo the Global Economy?

That's one looming disaster scenario as Greece, crushed by debt from hosting the 2004 Games, threatens to topple international lenders.

By Mitchell Anderson, 17 Feb 2010


This Satellite Could Help Save Humanity

But DSCOVR remains grounded. That fact is key to interpreting the so-called 'climategate' emails.

By Mitchell Anderson, 20 Jan 2010


Why Are Oddballs Like This Guy Winning?

Lord Monckton's bizarre climate change denials enthrall the Fraser Institute crowd, and ripple out.

By Mitchell Anderson, 21 Oct 2009


Global Warming's New Scopes Monkey Trial

As economy crumbles, US Chamber of Commerce will 'put climate science on trial'.

By Mitchell Anderson, 7 Sep 2009


Where's Our Global Warming Protest?

Americans are marching on their capital today. Canadians, have a donut.

By Mitchell Anderson, 2 Mar 2009


It's the Tar Sands, Stupid

Canada home to global warming's new ground zero.

By Mitchell Anderson, 4 Dec 2007


War Is So Over

The world has changed. War can't do what it used to.

By Mitchell Anderson, 18 Jul 2007


Dion Could Make Huge Play

Perfect time to change way we elect politicians.

By Mitchell Anderson, 10 May 2007


Premier's Shaky Global Warming Pitch

His targets are bold, but aim seems wobbly.

By Mitchell Anderson, 14 Feb 2007


Harper's Green Mirage

PM weakly revived some programs he cancelled. But what about that dirty deal with Bush?

By Mitchell Anderson, 24 Jan 2007


How Ottawa Sabotaged Our Kyoto Pledge in 2002

Quiet deal with oil industry locked in failure.

By Mitchell Anderson, 4 Oct 2006


Harper: Hard on Nature

Four alarming enviro policy shifts in the Tory platform.

By Mitchell Anderson, 20 Jan 2006


Playing Climate Catch Up

Let's hope the 'Montreal Action Plan' isn't too late.

By Mitchell Anderson, 13 Dec 2005


Corporate Canada's Change of Heart on Global Warming

Now it's the PM's turn.

By Mitchell Anderson, 22 Nov 2005


Let’s Keep Vote Reform Alive

STV was a dud, but we need more women in government.

By Mitchell Anderson, 26 May 2005


B.C. Vote Reform Could Lock in Right Wing

The Citizens Assembly is mulling a new rural/urban political apartheid, a new voting scheme that virtually guarantees right wing governments in B.C.

By Mitchell Anderson, 10 Aug 2004


In Praise of High Gas Prices

Pain at the pumps reflects the true cost of gas, from car wrecks to smog to the Iraq war. Ready for alternatives?

By Mitchell Anderson, 24 May 2004


Don't Shoot the Whistleblower

Our early warning system for scandals fails because sounding alarms is too risky. Let's change that.

By Mitchell Anderson, 1 Mar 2004