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Renovictions and the Quest for Affordable Rentals in Vancouver

Apartment for rent?

Survey after poll after review lauds Vancouver as North America's most 'livable' -- home to some of the most desirable addresses on Earth. Yet for up to half of Vancouver city residents and thousands of other householders across Metro Vancouver who rent rather than own their accommodation, finding a place to come home to in the continent's most-envied urban region can seem like the proverbial haystack-hunt for a needle. And once found, rental tenancy can end abruptly even when renters follow all the rules. In this latest Tyee Fellowship series funded by readers, journalist Jackie Wong investigates.

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Jackie Wong, reporter

Renovictions, Rentals, Reality: A Reader-Funded Series

Can a city be 'most livable' if you can't afford to live there? Tyee readers empowered Jackie Wong to investigate.

By Robyn Smith, 8 Aug 2011


Apartment for rent?

No Room to Rent in the Livable City

Can Vancouver turn the tide on 'renovictions' and keep housing affordable? First in a series funded by Tyee readers.

By Jackie Wong, 8 Aug 2011


Residents of The Seafield apartments

Thrown Out: Fight Grinds on Against 'Renovictions'

'The system is broken' say renter advocates who claim they're trapped in endless legal battles with landlords. Second in a Tyee reader-funded series.

By Jackie Wong, 9 Aug 2011


Lamp at The Sealfield Apartments

Landlords See a High Price to Cheap Rent

Let costs rise without rents keeping pace? That's how you make a housing crunch, say targets of 'renoviction' protests. Third in a Tyee reader funded series.

By Jackie Wong, 10 Aug 2011


BC Residential Tenancy Branch

Inside BC's Secretive Landlord-Tenant Dispute Process

Arbitration sounds simple and fair, but sources say it can be anything but. Fourth in a series funded by Tyee readers.

By Jackie Wong, 11 Aug 2011


Maureen Enser

Landlords and Tenants Agree: Market Can't Fix Itself

Policy ideas for dealing with rental crunch. Last in an investigative series funded by Tyee readers.

By Jackie Wong, 12 Aug 2011