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Finding a New Pension Fix


RRSPs haven't delivered, private pensions are increasingly rare, and the growing consensus among leaders is that it is time for Canada to reinvent its deal with retirees. In advance of the Dec. 17 Whitehorse pension reform summit gathering provincial and federal finance ministers, The Tyee lays out what's wrong with the current system, and ideas to fix it.

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The RRSP Mirage

Too many personal plans are coming up way short. The push is on to reinvent Canada's deal with retirees.

By Jim Sutherland and David Beers, 8 Dec 2009



How Your Canadian Pension Benefit Could Double

Plan's backers, including labour, see a safe, easy way to change the retirement horizon for younger Canadians.

By Jim Sutherland and David Beers, 9 Dec 2009


Trail of money

Ignatieff's Path to Pension Reform

UT prof Keith Ambachtsheer crafted idea for safer, voluntary alternative to RRSPs.

By Jim Sutherland and David Beers, 10 Dec 2009


Ted Menzies

Tories 'Not Discounting Any Option' on Pension Reform

Key MP says need is urgent, expresses concerns about labour's idea to double CPP.

By Andrew MacLeod, 11 Dec 2009


Colin Hansen

BC 'Leading' National Discussion on Fixing Pensions: Hansen

Labour, BC Liberals, others jostle to put forth new retirement plans.

By Andrew MacLeod, 3 Dec 2009



Eroding Pensions, Political Flashpoints

Expect more strikes and other battles over pensions if ministers can't craft real reform in Whitehorse this week.

By David Beers and Andrew MacLeod, 17 Dec 2009


Ted Menzies

Canadians Confused about Paying for Retirement: Menzies

Lead Tory at pension summit says system has 'gaps' but offers no clear path on reforms.

By Andrew MacLeod, 18 Dec 2009