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Tyee Poll: How Is the Pandemic Impacting Your Mental Health in the New Year?

Spring, summer, fall, winter: most of us are closing in on a year of enduring the ebbs and flows of some kind of lockdown.

Meanwhile, those working on the frontlines in hospitals and long-term care are facing the virus head on, while teachers and those in essential and public services try their best to avoid it. People working from home and living alone remain physically isolated. For many, the lack of an immediate end in sight is increasingly daunting.

In the first weeks of the new year, a curfew has been established in Quebec, Ontario schools remain closed, and B.C. and Alberta have seen restrictions extended.

A year into the pandemic, our mental health is being stretched in different ways. With this in mind, we want to ask:

How is the pandemic impacting your mental health in the new year?

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