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Priced Out?

Keys for the home

In this series, a Tyee partnership with the CBC, reporter Luke Brocki ventures to find out whether it's possible for a 30-something freelancer like him to ever own a home in Vancouver's daunting housing market. Is his creative exile in the suburbs inevitable? Why are housing prices so rapidly outpacing incomes in Vancouver? What is government doing to help? And are there lessons to be learned in other jurisdictions? These questions and more are tackled in this eight-part series.

In This Series


Priced Out graphic

I Want to Stay!

My journey into Vancouver's real estate racket, and dark nights of the soul about selling out my artist friends. First in a series.

By Luke Brocki, 12 Mar 2012


Elevated house for Priced Out series

Hunting for My Dream Home

A mortgage broker lifts my spirits, but the realtor reality is another story.

By Luke Brocki, 13 Mar 2012



To the 'Burbs!

My Vancouver house-hunting triggers a flight response. What is lost when aspiring owners leave?

By Luke Brocki, 14 Mar 2012


Unkempt house with Priced Out series overlay

The Foreign Ownership Puzzle

Question of who's buying from abroad looms over every Vancouver housing debate. I seek out the experts.

By Luke Brocki, 15 Mar 2012



Keeping Up with Demand

Or, tackling the seemingly simple question of housing supply. My aspiring owner's inquest continues.

By Luke Brocki, 19 Mar 2012



Lessons from Affordable Housing Innovators

Models from Whistler and Toronto take a different tack to up supply. Your attention, Vancouver.

By Luke Brocki, 20 Mar 2012



Help Me, Gregor!

What can the city do to boost affordable housing in Vancouver? The mayor weighs in.

By Luke Brocki, 21 Mar 2012



I Can't Own Alone

Buy a rental property? Co-own? There's no easy way. Last in a series.

By Luke Brocki, 22 Mar 2012