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Will McMartin

Will McMartin, a long-time political consultant and commentator who has been affiliated with the Social Credit and BC Conservative parties, is a contributing editor at The Pacific Political Report.

Stories by Will McMartin


Must Win Battlegrounds: How New Dems Can Wrest Victory

Here are the Conservatives' most vulnerable ridings across Canada.

By Will McMartin, 17 Aug 2015


Note to New Dem Strategists: Dig Deeper than Polls

Byelections reveal Conservative strength in election fortresses.

By Will McMartin, 15 Aug 2015


Why Harper's Tories Remain Best Bet to Win

No time to coast New Dems! To gain victory in October, still more lift needed in key regions.

By Will McMartin, 20 Jul 2015


Don't Underestimate Religion's Role This Election

Fast changing faith has forged a whole new campaign playing field in Canada.

By Will McMartin, 13 Jul 2015


NDP Offers Clear Choice in Corporate Tax Debate

New Dems, unlike Tories and Grits, aim to raise rate after years of deep cuts.

By Will McMartin, 29 Jun 2015


Ssssss… BC's Economy Is Leaking Jobs

Checking in on our deflating market, punctured by Christy Clark's big plan.

By Will McMartin, 27 May 2015


Turns Out, Alberta Tax Math Isn't That Difficult

Notley's proposed corporate tax hike won't kill investment or jobs.

By Will McMartin, 11 May 2015


'Balanced Joe' Gives Bland Budget Speech Designed for the Hustings

But lots of goodies earmarked for Tory constituencies.

By Will McMartin, 22 Apr 2015


Tories Promise Balanced Budget, But So What?

Obsession with bottom line no guarantee of fiscal competence.

By Will McMartin, 20 Apr 2015


Numbers Win Elections, and Here Are the Key Ones

To start, Canada's 42nd general vote is only 200 days from today.

By Will McMartin, 3 Apr 2015


The Potent Economy Booster BC's Premier Insists on Ignoring

How a serious hike in the minimum wage would revive prosperity for all citizens.

By Will McMartin, 23 Mar 2015


The Era of Tax Cut Stupidity that Starved BC

Will McMartin details how the BC Liberals squandered a historic chance to strengthen this province.

By Will McMartin, 27 Feb 2012


Smart Meters, Boondoggle in the Making

Why this doomed to fail, billion-dollar mega-project should make BC taxpayers tremble.

By Will McMartin, 4 Apr 2011


More on Liberal Insiders and BC Hydro's Smart Meter Gold Rush

Peter Restler and his investment firm CAI have a long history in BC politics.

By Will McMartin, 21 Mar 2011


Christy Clark Advisor Building Prison for Gadhafi's Use

Gwyn Morgan of incoming premier's transition team chairs SNC-Lavalin, constructor of 'state of the art' jail likely to house opponents of Libya's dictator.

By Will McMartin, 14 Mar 2011


First to Profit from $1 Billion Smart Meter Program: Liberal Insiders

Firm winning $73 million contract is connected to BC Hydro director, has close ties with Libs.

By Will McMartin, 7 Mar 2011


How Christy Got to Front of Line

Between bites of crow, our pundit maps Clark's win, and some challenges she faces.

By Will McMartin, 28 Feb 2011


Everyone Seems to Pick Christy Clark, but not Will McMartin

And if your inner wonk is up to it, here are calculations that make our pundit a contrarian.

By Will McMartin, 25 Feb 2011


Budget 2011: False Deficit and Carbon Tax Smokescreen

Bottom line with BC Liberals is their bottom line is easily manipulated.

By Will McMartin, 16 Feb 2011


A Tyee Series

BC's Most Likely Next Premier? George Abbott

Why the farmer, historian and career politician is favoured to succeed Gordon Campbell.

By Will McMartin, 11 Feb 2011


A Tyee Series

For Kevin Falcon, Next Stop Premier?

Business backs him, even though he oversaw a massive jump in debt. So what are his odds?

By Will McMartin, 10 Feb 2011


A Tyee Series

Christy Clark's Chances? Will McMartin Sets Odds

She's first in opinion polls to be next premier, but where is her 'base'?

By Will McMartin, 9 Feb 2011


BC Banking Jobs Declined after Bank Tax Was Killed

Libs forfeiting over $100 million in tax revenue didn't stop drain of 1,600 big bank positions.

By Will McMartin, 31 Jan 2011


Test Your Baloney Detector

Should you bite on what BC Lib leader hopefuls are serving? Take this quiz!

By Will McMartin, 10 Jan 2011


Want a Real Issue? Try BC's Lagging Health Funding

Will BC Liberal leadership hopefuls explain why our province is falling behind in health care spending?

By Will McMartin, 3 Jan 2011


Making Sense of a Brutal Political Season in BC

Watching Carole James toppled by former supporters in her own party may seem shocking, but it was just (nasty) business as usual.

By Will McMartin, 10 Dec 2010


Ottawa Pocketed $25 Billion from BC Since 2001

Under BC Liberal reign, we've paid $25 billion more to feds than came back. That's unprecedented.

By Will McMartin, 6 Dec 2010


Ida Chong Should Worry

Chances for recall success in her Oak Bay-Gordon Head riding are better than many pundits think.

By Will McMartin, 23 Nov 2010


Will McMartin Shoots Down Squawking Gaggle of Campbell Praisers

A 'great' premier whose fiscal skill made BC 'great' for business? The facts say no.

By Will McMartin, 8 Nov 2010


You're Paying for Campbell's Faulty Prescription

British Columbians use tax cuts to buy health care formerly provided by the government.

By Will McMartin, 2 Nov 2010


Wooing Business Leaders Is Futile for New Dems

Under NDP in 1990s, BC's corporate profits and GDP soared. But hallucinating captains of industry still see scary 'socialists.'

By Will McMartin, 9 Aug 2010


Worst Fudge-it Budget Proven, but Free Ride from Media

On Thursday we learned Campbell's Liberals ran for election on an impossible budget promise that inflated tax revenues by $2.5 billion. Why are media selling this as good news?

By Will McMartin, 12 Jul 2010


Accenture's BC Hydro Contract Way over Budget

British Columbians paying hundreds of millions of dollars more than promised.

By Will McMartin, 21 Jun 2010


Accenture's BC 'Cornerstone' Looks to Be Crumbling

Favourite private outsourcer for Campbell government takes series of hits.

By Will McMartin, 14 Jun 2010


The Truth about BC Health Spending, Made Easy

It's static and under control. So why do so many, like The Globe's Jeffrey Simpson, spout the opposite?

By Will McMartin, 7 Jun 2010


BC's Energy Independence? Don't Believe It

Minister Lekstrom is wrong. Most new energy projects controlled by big firms outside BC.

By Will McMartin, 31 May 2010


How Libs Made BC Rail's True Value a Fake Train Wreck

'Absurd' it was to call the public asset a money loser. Premier Campbell did it anyway.

By Will McMartin, 24 May 2010


Is This Any Way to Finance Clean Energy?

BC Hydro borrows capital at 1 per cent, private power firms pay 12 per cent or more. Campbell chose builders sure to make green power far more expensive.

By Will McMartin, 17 May 2010


General Electric and BC's Private Power Gold Rush

When cash-poor Finavera needed backers for its Peace River wind farms, who stepped up? First, an aging Irish tycoon cut his sweet deal, then giant GE gained the 'lions share' of profits.

By Will McMartin, 11 May 2010


BC Liberals Owe Us a $65 Million Apology

They blew that much of our money on their failed BC Transmission Corporation privatization, now scuttled.

By Will McMartin, 3 May 2010


Edmonton Profits Big from BC Private Power

For trio of independent power plants, net-profit margin is a whopping 26.8 per cent.

By Will McMartin, 19 Apr 2010


Plutonic Tops List of Power Firms Donating to Libs

Of the 14 successful firms in BC Hydro's latest call for power, 10 have made contributions to the Liberals totaling nearly $385,000.

By Will McMartin, 12 Apr 2010


Vancouver Law Firm a Big Player in BC Hydro's Clean Energy Call

Stikeman Elliott partner sits on Hydro board; another a major player in Finavera Renewables.

By Will McMartin, 5 Apr 2010


Liberals, Stop Lying about BC Rail

No Minister Bond, it wasn't 'bankrupt' or debt-laden or 'in disarray'. Here's proof BC Rail was very healthy when Campbell got it.

By Will McMartin, 29 Mar 2010


Former Accenture Execs Score Big in BC Hydro Clean Power Call

Struggling penny stock firm with light cash reserves lands major wind power agreements.

By Will McMartin, 22 Mar 2010


Why March 24 Will Define BC's Fiscal Managers

That's when the Campbell government might defy its own contract with Ottawa, costing BC taxpayers millions.

By Will McMartin, 8 Mar 2010


Scare Stories about High BC Spending Are False

Province's outlays compared to GDP aren't up, but the Sun wants us to believe otherwise.

By Will McMartin, 8 Mar 2010


In Tight Times, Campbell Gov't Chooses to Help Big Banks

Inept budgeters axed $100 million yearly tax revenue from fat financial institutions. And it gets worse.

By Will McMartin, 3 Mar 2010


Taylor Hired by Bank After Killing BC's Bank Tax

BC is broke but she could make $145,000 to $350,000 as a TD director.

By Will McMartin, 14 Sep 2009


BC's Bizarre Fiscal Plan

The government seems to be jamming its feet on both the brake pedal and accelerator.

By Will McMartin, 2 Sep 2009


Fudging Up

Next Tuesday, expect a really big deficit. Colossal, even. But business won't squawk.

By Will McMartin, 25 Aug 2009


Liberals' Biggest Campaign Gamble Paid Off

They made unpopular Campbell a star. And more notes on a weird election.

By Will McMartin, 14 May 2009


Where this Election Will Be Won

Fourteen ridings in BC's North and Fraser North will decide it.

By Will McMartin, 8 May 2009


A New BC Rail Cover-Up?

The Campbell government put money from its BC Rail sale into a trust, but a shift to riskier investing likely lost $25 million. We can't know for sure, because trust directors are breaking the law by not posting statements.

By Will McMartin, 4 May 2009


Huge Pay Raises, the Silent Issue

Libs gave selves big pay hikes, zero to minimum wage earners. But NDP can't complain.

By Will McMartin, 29 Apr 2009


BC's Economy: Whose Was Best?

Socreds. NDP. Libs. Who oversaw the strongest economy? (Hint, not Gordon Campbell).

By Will McMartin, 23 Apr 2009


Libs' Fibs on Crime Voting

Claims that New Dems opposed police spending are false.

By Will McMartin, 16 Apr 2009


NDP Has History on Its Side, But Not Smart Messaging

In BC races, diving economies usually turf governments.

By Will McMartin, 14 Apr 2009


Why BC’s new ‘budget’ will be stale by September

By Will McMartin, 23 Feb 2009


This Budget Is Toxic Fudge

BC's government is in denial about the economic realities we face.

By Will McMartin, 18 Feb 2009


Balanced Budget Bozos

BC politicians keep passing, then changing, laws against deficit spending. Are we nuts?

By Will McMartin, 4 Feb 2009


Porn for stats geeks: BC ridings profiled online

By Will McMartin, 12 Jan 2009


Who Will Be Next BC Senators?

Harper's short list ranges from Wai Young and John Reynolds to Jerry Lampert and Tung Chang.

By Will McMartin, 17 Dec 2008


Which BC party will come clean on 'balanced' recession budget?

By Will McMartin, 9 Dec 2008


BC Then, Ottawa Now: Who's Crazier?

Province's wild political history offers context for current crisis.

By Will McMartin, 5 Dec 2008


A Tyee Series

'Work and Wages'

Why BC likely won't face another blow like the Great Depression. Last in a series.

By Will McMartin, 2 Dec 2008


Is Ottawa's fiscal update crisis a repeat of history?

By Will McMartin, 28 Nov 2008


A Tyee Series

BC Goes Bust

Depression hit, and even the finance minister lost his shirt. Second in a series.

By Will McMartin, 28 Nov 2008


A Tyee Series

The Great Depression in BC

The crash of '29 and how it laid waste to the province's finances. First of three.

By Will McMartin, 26 Nov 2008


BC's Spring Vote, Through Lens of Obama's Victory

Lessons from the US presidential contest.

By Will McMartin, 5 Nov 2008


BC Greens falling back to earth

By Will McMartin, 29 Oct 2008


Between Lines of Campbell's Speech: A New 'Fudge-It Budget'

He'll have to jigger the books to not show a deficit.

By Will McMartin, 23 Oct 2008


Settle in for Long Harper Reign

Seat tallies tell the tale. Tories won bigger than pundits said.

By Will McMartin, 21 Oct 2008


McMartin's Very Own Winners and Losers

The election victors, the vanquished and why Harper is grinning.

By Will McMartin, 16 Oct 2008


Minorities push Tories ahead in Metro Vancouver

By Will McMartin, 14 Oct 2008


Quebec keeps Conservatives at 10 seats, denying Harper a majority

By Will McMartin, 14 Oct 2008


The Higginbotham Curse

In which McMartin braves his editor's wrath to float a humble election theory.

By Will McMartin, 14 Oct 2008


A Tyee Series

Charting the Votes in Nanaimo-Cowichan

Is this the making of an NDP stronghold?

By Will McMartin, 10 Oct 2008


A Tyee Series

Charting the Votes for a Rural Showdown

NDP and Tories duke it out in BC Southern Interior riding.

By Will McMartin, 9 Oct 2008


A Tyee Series

Charting May's Chances against MacKay

Green leader a long shot to unseat Tory stalwart in Central Nova.

By Will McMartin, 8 Oct 2008


A Tyee Series

Charting the Votes of Visible Minority Members

Most are concentrated in Vancouver and suburbs.

By Will McMartin, 7 Oct 2008


A Tyee Series

Charting the Votes for Hedy Fry

Vancouver Centre's Grit incumbent faces strong foes -- and the Dion factor.

By Will McMartin, 6 Oct 2008


A Tyee Series

Charting the Vote for Incumbents

Four or five will lose their jobs, if this election is true to form.

By Will McMartin, 3 Oct 2008


A Tyee Series

Charting the Votes where Tories are Strongest

Conservative support in BC skews to North, Interior and south Fraser Valley.

By Will McMartin, 2 Oct 2008


A Tyee Series

Charting When NDP Votes Rise

Layton's team may be lucky New Dems aren't running BC or Ontario.

By Will McMartin, 1 Oct 2008


A Tyee Series

Charting the Vote for Grits in BC

In recent elections, Liberals hovered at 28 per cent. Now they’re falling short.

By Will McMartin, 30 Sep 2008


A Tyee Series

Charting the Votes for Gary Lunn

Can Tory keep Saanich-Gulf Islands after New Dem quit?

By Will McMartin, 29 Sep 2008


What Sarah Palin Shows

Sexism and racism alive and well in US politics.

By Will McMartin, 5 Sep 2008


Fewer Schools, More Politicians

Sorry kids, Shirley Bond and BC Libs protect their own futures.

By Will McMartin, 1 Oct 2007


Top Bush Adviser Made Millions Lobbying for BC Forest Biz

Ed Gillespie is 'New Karl Rove.'

By Will McMartin, 27 Aug 2007


Myth: Tax Cuts Fuel BC's Surplus

Fact checking the finance minister. The dirty job goes to our man McMartin.

By Will McMartin, 7 Aug 2007


Spending on BC Politicians Explodes

Total cost of MLA compensation soars over 50 per cent since 2001.

By Will McMartin, 26 Jul 2007


McMartin's Budget Preview

Prediction: Canadians will continue to pay more for less in 2007.

By Will McMartin, 19 Mar 2007


Taylor's Do It Ourselves Budget

After tax cuts, it's far less than meets the eye.

By Will McMartin, 21 Feb 2007


BC Health Spending Exploding? Don't Believe It

The real story is a provincial budget skewed by deep cuts to welfare, local government and transportation.

By Will McMartin, 19 Feb 2007


BC Legislator: Nice Gig!

MLAs got full-time pay for nine week session. Gordon Campbell is arranging a raise.

By Will McMartin, 9 Feb 2007


Cosy Business Ties Exposed by Health Budget Turmoil

BC's Health Authorities: Who gets hired (and fired).

By Will McMartin, 31 Jan 2007


How Stars Aligned for Dion

His victory was forged by these five key convention moments.

By Will McMartin, 4 Dec 2006


The Fluke that Made BC Boom

Historic surge in commodity prices enriches. BC Libs take credit.

By Will McMartin, 15 Nov 2006


Ignatieff's Duel with History

Small edge promises hot convention.

By Will McMartin, 1 Nov 2006


Could You Be Finance Minister? Take Our Quiz!

And learn how Carole Taylor made $446 million seem like nearly $2 billion.

By Will McMartin, 3 Oct 2006


Carole Taylor's False Alarm

With scary health spending forecast, she fools news media -- again.

By Will McMartin, 25 Sep 2006


A Chance to Cut MLA Pay in Half

They earn too much for a part-time gig.

By Will McMartin, 6 Sep 2006


BC's Runaway Head Offices

Billion dollar tax slash fails to attract firms.

By Will McMartin, 16 Aug 2006


Gordon Campbell, Financial Genius?

Lib rollercoaster ride ends up where it started.

By Will McMartin, 19 Jul 2006


Taylor's New Recipe for Fudge

Predecessors fudged deficits. She hid a whopping surplus.

By Will McMartin, 20 Mar 2006


The Spin You're Paying For

Government's ad spending doubles. And other BC budget notes.

By Will McMartin, 23 Feb 2006


Emerson: The Power and the Tory

His betrayal, his perks and some context for the outrage.

By Will McMartin, 9 Feb 2006


How McMartin Sees BC: Tories 21, NDP 12, Libs 3

Plus, a gritty account of life inside The Tyee.

By Will McMartin, 20 Jan 2006


Dosanjh's Biggest Donors Run Medical Firms

Vancouver MP raised bulk of his funds in Ontario in 2004.

By Will McMartin and Sam Cooper, 12 Jan 2006


Memo to Layton: Game Has Changed

On debate day, Liberal slide creates opportunity for New Dems.

By Will McMartin, 9 Jan 2006


Trudeau's Ghost Haunts BC

Liberals still fighting the backlash he caused.

By Will McMartin, 15 Dec 2005


Let's Harness ICBC's Great Success

Rebates? Small thinking. How better to invest all that profit?

By Will McMartin, 3 Nov 2005


School Stalemate: How We Got Here

Verbatim, nearly two decades of politicians' wrangling in the Legislature.

By Will McMartin and David Beers, 21 Oct 2005


Too Many Teachers?

One factor in BC's conflict may be educator 'overpopulation'.

By Will McMartin, 17 Oct 2005


Pam for Next Governor General!

Don't laugh. (Well, ok, do.) But here's why.

By Will McMartin, 28 Sep 2005


Biz to BC Libs: Thanks a Billion!

Corporate windfall hits milestone. And why the pre-election budget wasn't truly balanced.

By Will McMartin, 26 Sep 2005


Thank You Ottawa!

The entire BC budget surplus, and more, is due to federal transfers.

By Will McMartin, 19 Sep 2005


Budget Battlers Ready to Rumble

It's been five years since a muscular opposition swung hard at a BC budget.

By Will McMartin, 14 Sep 2005


Campbell's Big Promises This Time

This session, his party aims for the tax code and a lot more.

By Will McMartin, 6 Sep 2005

Last call! Liberals, 51 seats; NDP, 28 seats

Now is your chance to bet against McMartin and win a prize.

By Will McMartin, 15 May 2005


McMartin Gives BC Libs 51 Seats

Tyee analyst finalizes his projections, invites readers to bet against him.

By Will McMartin, 15 May 2005

A Rule of Thumb for Seat Guess-timates

By Will McMartin, 14 May 2005


Remember the NDP’s Supposed $5 Billion 'Structural Deficit'?

The story behind the big headlines that served their purpose four years ago.

By Will McMartin, 14 May 2005

Polak's One of Three Seats Now Solidly Liberal

Langley, Penticton-Okanagan, and Vancouver-Point Grey upgraded from 'likely'.

By Will McMartin, 13 May 2005

The New Democratic Party and 'Polarization'

Lots of parties running, but this election is a two-party tilt.

By Will McMartin, 12 May 2005

The New Democratic Party: A Look Back

Will traditional NDP supporters who’ve abandoned the party return in 2005?

By Will McMartin, 11 May 2005

Two Kootenays Seats Go Opposite Directions

Columbia River-Revelstoke moves 'likely NDP' while East Kootenay is 'solid Liberal'.

By Will McMartin, 10 May 2005

Tight Vancouver Races Diverge

Vancouver-Burrard now 'likely NDP', Vancouver-Fairview is 'likely Liberal.'

By Will McMartin, 10 May 2005

Three Ridings Moved in Vancouver Island North Coast Region

No longer ‘up for grabs’: Powell River-Sunshine Coast, Alberni-Qualicum, Comox Valley

By Will McMartin, 9 May 2005

Poll Shifts Odds for Kamloops Area Libs

Krueger's seat downgraded to 'likely' while Richmond's solidifies.

By Will McMartin, 7 May 2005

The Green Party in BC: Provincial Elections

Carr is making a spirited but likely doomed run for a first Green seat.

By Will McMartin, 6 May 2005

The Green Party in BC: Reading the Federal Elections

Scant evidence to expect a breakthrough on May 17.

By Will McMartin, 5 May 2005

Okanagan-Vernon and Shuswap Shift 'Solid' for Libs

Unity Party not around to siphon off conservative voters this time.

By Will McMartin, 4 May 2005

Surrey-Panorama Ridge Now 'Likely Liberal'

NDP’s big byelection win probably won’t be repeated.

By Will McMartin, 3 May 2005

More on the North: Three Seats Go 'Likely Liberal'

Skeena, Prince George North and Prince George-Omineca no longer 'up for grabs.'

By Will McMartin, 2 May 2005

More on the North: Cariboo North, Cariboo South and North Coast

Two seats move to 'Solid Liberal' and one to 'Solid NDP'.

By Will McMartin, 1 May 2005

The North: Liberals Hard to Dislodge

The Greens and NDP got whipped in this region in 2001.

By Will McMartin, 30 Apr 2005

Vancouver Eastside Go 'Solid' NDP

Kensington and Kingsway move over from 'Likely'.

By Will McMartin, 29 Apr 2005

Maple Ridge tilts toward Liberals

Rising incomes push Frasier North ridings to the right: Port Moody-Westwood and Maple Ridge-Mission

By Will McMartin, 28 Apr 2005

NDP looks solid in New West, likely in Burnaby-Willingdon

Tax cuts, hospital closure help New Democrats

By Will McMartin, 27 Apr 2005

Two Victoria Area Seats Moved to ‘Solid NDP’

Victoria-Beacon Hill and Victoria Hillside firm up for the New Democrats.

By Will McMartin, 26 Apr 2005

Vancouver Island South: Household Incomes and Vote Shares

Last election, Greens’ strongest showing was in this region.

By Will McMartin, 25 Apr 2005

Two Surrey Area Ridings No Longer ‘Up for Grabs’

Surrey-Newton is now ‘likely NDP,’ Delta North shifts to ‘likely Liberal’.

By Will McMartin, 24 Apr 2005

Two Surrey Ridings Solidify Liberal and NDP

The Tyee is moving Surrey-Tynehead into the ‘solid Liberal’ column while Surrey-Green Timbers goes ‘solid NDP’.

By Will McMartin, 23 Apr 2005

North-Central Surrey: Pocketbook Voting Patterns

Wealthier zones of this region go Liberal, poorer go NDP.

By Will McMartin, 22 Apr 2005

Nanaimo and Nanaimo-Parksville Moving Left, Right

The Tyee is shifting Nanaimo into ‘solid NDP’ and Nanaimo-Parksville into ‘likely Liberal.’

By Will McMartin, 21 Apr 2005

Vancouver Island North-Coast: Pocketbook Voting

In this region, like most others, average household incomes correlate strongly with vote-shares.

By Will McMartin, 20 Apr 2005


Campbell Misled Public on NDP Finances

In 2001 the incoming premier called NDP finances “worse than we anticipated.” His briefing binders, gained by The Tyee through an FOI, told him the opposite.

By Will McMartin, 20 Apr 2005

West Kootenay-Boundary and Nelson Creston Move into ‘Solid’ NDP column.

Two NDP strongholds firm up.

By Will McMartin, 19 Apr 2005

Looks Bleak for Third Parties

Don’t Expect Minor Parties to Elect an MLA

By Will McMartin, 18 Apr 2005

Vancouver Island South: Carole James Territory

For the first time in decades, the NDP was shut out here in 2001.

By Will McMartin, 17 Apr 2005

Vancouver Island North-Coast: Leaning Left Again

But Alberni-Qualicum, Comox Valley, Nanaimo-Parksville and Powell River-Sunshine Coast are up for grabs.

By Will McMartin, 16 Apr 2005


Feeling Polarized

The May 17 vote is likely to reveal a clearly split BC electorate. To read our political future, gaze into the past.

By Will McMartin, 15 Apr 2005

Richmond: Solidly Liberal

Last time the NDP won anything here: 1972.

By Will McMartin, 13 Apr 2005

North Shore: Another Lib Sweep?

Looks like it, but North Vancouver-Lonsdale might be interesting.

By Will McMartin, 12 Apr 2005

Vancouver Westside: Premier’s Stomping Ground

Two seats nailed down for Libs, but watch Vancouver-Fairview.

By Will McMartin, 11 Apr 2005

Home Values: Pricing the Voters’ Neighbourhoods

North Coast homes are, on average, a half million dollars less than in Vancouver-Quilchena.

By Will McMartin, 10 Apr 2005

Vancouver Eastside: The NDP Stronghold

But Mayencourt vs. Stevenson makes a close race in Vancouver’s West End.

By Will McMartin, 10 Apr 2005

Seeking Shelter: Campaigns Scrutinize Home Ownership

Voting patterns can be tied to whether citizens own or rent their abodes.

By Will McMartin, 9 Apr 2005

Fraser North: A Wild Ride

New Dems likely to re-take New West and two more, Libs to get one, and six up for grabs.

By Will McMartin, 9 Apr 2005

North-Central Surrey: A Key Battlefront

Traditionally left-leaning, swept by Libs in 2001, six ridings in serious play.

By Will McMartin, 8 Apr 2005

Fraser Valley South: Nine Liberal Seats Likely

Social conservative Mary Polak should find a warm embrace this time in Langley.

By Will McMartin, 7 Apr 2005

Oops, Corrections

By Will McMartin, 6 Apr 2005

The Kootenays: Good Hunting for NDP

Liberals swept all four seats in 2001. Not likely this election.

By Will McMartin, 6 Apr 2005

Big Gap between Rich and Poor Ridings

Voting patterns tend to reflect household income. It’s three times higher in some ridings than others.

By Will McMartin, 5 Apr 2005

The Okanagan, a Liberal Stronghold

Region anchored by Kelowna is fast growing and right-leaning.

By Will McMartin, 4 Apr 2005

Seniors with Clout: Ridings Where Elderly Voters Hold Sway

You’ll find them in the sunny parts of the province.

By Will McMartin, 3 Apr 2005

BC’s Electoral Regions: Skewed Populations

Attempts to even out voter numbers haven’t succeeded.

By Will McMartin, 2 Apr 2005

The Thompson-Coquihalla, Lali Returns

Liberals likely to hold at least three, but NDP has prospered in the past.

By Will McMartin, 1 Apr 2005

The North, a Huge Opportunity for NDP

Economy, BC Rail deal are big factors.

By Will McMartin, 31 Mar 2005

Not All Ridings Created Equal (in Population)

And that makes it hard for pollsters.

By Will McMartin, 30 Mar 2005

Let the Battle Begin

Election Central’s riding-by-riding predictions to be posted daily.

By Will McMartin, 27 Mar 2005


Un-Spinning the B.C. Budget

Having shielded their budget from debate, the B.C. Liberals are free to spin madly on the campaign trail. Some facts to bear in mind.

By Will McMartin, 25 Feb 2005


Election Plan Gives Liberals Cash Windfall

By shutting down the legislature instead of debating the budget, the party can campaign on the taxpayers’ millions.

By Will McMartin, 21 Feb 2005


Liberals Set to Run from Their Own Budget

Finance minister’s vague answers suggest party will sell the document but won’t actually pass it.

By Will McMartin, 16 Feb 2005


Running for Premier of Oz

In which our hero Dorothy makes Green, Liberal and NDP friends on her way down the yellow brick road.

By Will McMartin, 27 Jan 2005


Premier Shuts His Cabinet

Gordon Campbell's election promise of cabinet meetings open to the public? Never mind.

By Will McMartin, 14 Dec 2004


Alberta's Posse in B.C.

Albertans once tried and failed to rope in B.C.’s government. Now a small herd, some with ties to big energy firms, hold key positions in B.C.’s public sector, thanks to Premier Campbell.

By Will McMartin, 23 Nov 2004


How Bad for Liberals Was Surrey Loss?

Dismally bad is the answer. The worst defeat in a government-held riding in fifteen years, in fact.

By Will McMartin, 2 Nov 2004


We Paid Record Sales Taxes This Year

Liberals shifted burden from income tax to sales tax; in effect, from wealthier citizens to poorer.

By Will McMartin, 22 Oct 2004


Liberals Bluffing on By-Election

They tell us it won't mean much if they lose Surrey. History says otherwise.

By Will McMartin, 19 Oct 2004


NDP and U.S. Dems Share Election Challenges

Both James and Kerry are bucking history, battling one-term governments without recession or vote splits to help.

By Will McMartin, 14 Oct 2004


Why James Isn't Running in Surrey

The odds were a no-brainer, so why did the NDP leader wait so long to decide?

By Will McMartin, 6 Oct 2004


Why Silence on B.C.'s Groaning Debt?

Nobody seems to want to mention the fast growing $38 billion elephant in our living room. Each of us owes $9,003, sharply up under the Liberals.

By Will McMartin, 9 Aug 2004


Why Didn't the NDP Catch Fire?

Gains, yes, but some tough questions for Layton's New Democrats as they weigh the returns.

By Will McMartin, 29 Jun 2004