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The 100-Mile Diet Turns 15


Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon in the book jacket photo for The 100-Mile Diet, published in 2007 by Random House after the couple launched the concept with a 2005 series in The Tyee.

The local food phenomenon launched on the Tyee in 2005 celebrates its 15-year anniversary. What’s happened since for creators Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon? Whose lives did it touch and change? Meet some local food heroes, and the solutions they present for our current crises. MacKinnon returns to guest edit nine stories published during the birthday week of the 100-Mile Diet. Dig in!

In This Series



The 100-Mile Diet, 15 Years Later

Authors Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon on asparagus season, a more just local food system, and pandemic gardens of hope. First in a week-long series.

David Beers, 29 Jun 2020



In Canada’s Far North, We Ate Only Local For a Year. I Was Transformed

No salt, chocolate, coffee? It was hard, and then my taste buds and body came alive.

Suzanne Crocker, 29 Jun 2020



Growing Wheat Is a Rare Art in Rainy BC. Meet Some Pioneers

They include Yoshi Sugiyama, whose fascination with farming sprouted as a kid in Tokyo.

Christopher Cheung, 30 Jun 2020



Can Global Cuisine Go Local? It’s Complicated

Meeru Dhalwala, co-founder of famed Indian restaurant Vij’s, on the power of food to connect.

Dorothy Woodend, 1 Jul 2020



A Dozen Local Food Heroes on What a Pandemic Teaches

We asked: What has COVID-19 shown you about making our food system better?

Serena Renner, 2 Jul 2020



The 100-Mile Chef Meets the Pandemic ‘Apocalypse’

Andrea Carlson expects ‘the best summer ever.’ But only because, by playing it smart and local, she kept her restaurant alive.

Serena Renner, 2 Jul 2020



A Tyee Challenge: Who Will Brew a 100-Mile Beer for BC?

WATCH: Win fame and glory by using just super-local ingredients.

Tyee Staff, 3 Jul 2020



Shrimper Steve, the Spot Prawn King

Sure, BC loves its local delicacy now. That’s thanks to relentless Steve Johansen and his 100-Mile Diet comrades.

Quinn MacDonald, 3 Jul 2020



The World Loves a BC Fish Called Hake. Why Don’t We Eat It Here?

Could this, like spot prawns, be our next local seafood success? The hake catch is six times the size for wild salmon.

Braela Kwan, 4 Jul 2020