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Generation Rent: Your Stories


Illustration for The Tyee by Indiana Joel.

The Tyee Solutions Society has reported all year on affordable housing issues and solutions in the Lower Mainland and B.C.

But it would be remiss to write stories about housing without also making space for stories about home. So earlier this fall, we put out a call for submissions asking residents to share stories of the renter life.

The results exceeded expectations -- when people wrote about home, they opened their hearts. The result is this occasional series of stories about life, from British Columbians who are living it as renters.

Thank you to all the writers who opened their apartment doors, and let us take a look inside.

In This Series



To Home Ownership and Back Again

I left the city for a house, and my heart still aches. First in a series of BC renter tales. Event Wednesday.

By Steve Threndyle, 11 Nov 2013



My Rental Apartment Rejected Me

Living, for too long, in a decaying downtown pad with a mind of its own. Part of a series on renting.

By Erin Ashenhurst, 13 Nov 2013



You Can't Go Home Again

On striking out solo for the first time. Part of a series of BC renter stories.

By Aaron Golbeck, 16 Nov 2013



Little Buggers

Bedbugs covered me in red bumps. I bit back. Latest in a series of BC renter tales.

By Jennifer Lori, 19 Nov 2013



The Time I Lived in the Kitchen

All it was missing was a door, four walls and a closet. Part of a series about renting.

By Kelly Masson, 23 Nov 2013



Renting and Relationships: An Ode to Impermanence

We never lived together, but in the end I lost a home. Part of a series about renting.

By Kristin Warkentin, 27 Nov 2013



Appliance Envy

Elbows-deep in suds, I envy my home-owning friends. Last in a series of seven stories about renting.

By Carys Cragg, 29 Nov 2013

Real Cities Give Their People Places to Pee

Public washrooms should be plentiful and accessible, says one scholar. And cities that do flush, flourish.

By Christopher Cheung