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BC Election 2013: Big Issues Explained

On the eve of the May 2013 provincial election, The Tyee looks back on big issues that have driven debate during the last 12 years of BC Liberal governance.

What did B.C.'s leaders and opposition parties say and do on these major files? What are they saying now? What are the facts?

Humbly offered here, a cure for political amnesia among candidates and media alike.

In This Series



The Rise of Independent Power Producers, Explained

They split the enviro vote in 2009, but can they still spark trouble across the province?

By Colleen Kimmett, 30 Apr 2013



BC's Fight Against Climate Change, Explained

In 2007, Gordon Campbell decided the province would lead the world and slash emissions. What happened?

By Tom Barrett, 1 May 2013


Lockers with umbrellas

A 'New Era' in BC Education, Explained

Today's history lesson: 12 years of BC Liberal legislation on the school file.

By Katie Hyslop, 1 May 2013



The Pipeline Plan that Rattled BC, Explained

Enbridge's Northern Gateway proposal struck a deep nerve, and its story continues this election.

By Geoff Dembicki, 4 May 2013



BC's Poor Poverty Record, Explained

Will the last decade of idle welfare rates and spiking homelessness continue after May 14?

By Andrew MacLeod, 6 May 2013



BC Liberals' 12 Years of Tax Shifts, Explained

Gordon Campbell was swept in on tax cuts, hounded out on HST.

By Doug Ward, 6 May 2013