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Chris Wood

Stories by Chris Wood


Housing ‘the Largest Single Commitment’ in Morneau’s Budget

But funding falls short of homelessness needs.

By Christopher Cheung, Katie Hyslop, Stefania Seccia and Chris Wood, 22 Mar 2017


The Big Give: How Owners Got Rich, and Renters Didn’t

These nine graphs show how government widened the wealth gap between Canadians who rent, and Canadians who own a home.

By Christopher Pollon, Christopher Cheung and Chris Wood, 22 Feb 2017


How to House Us All: A Tyee Reader

Ottawa’s been listening to Canadians beef about housing. Here are ideas from two years of reporting for making them less worried.

By Chris Wood, 21 Nov 2016


The National Energy Board Is a Mess, Shut It Down

Time to lay rest to this obsolete service agency for a last-century industry.

By Mitchell Beer and Chris Wood, 7 Sep 2016


Renegotiation of Cross-border Columbia River Treaty Planned

Canada agrees to US request to overhaul 'out of step' agreement for important BC river.

By Chris Wood, 14 Mar 2016


Nakusp Residents Hopping Mad over Logging in Toad Country

Forestry plans pit village citizens who love their amphibians against a company they own.

By Chris Wood, 12 Mar 2016


On Nature's Death Row: I Helped Commit Ecocide; So Did You

For many native species in Canada, our human settlements mean the end of the road. Last in a series.

By Chris Wood, 22 Feb 2016


On Nature's Death Row: Squeezed Out by 'Lifestyle' in BC's Okanagan

Tough times for wine country's oldest denizens: boas and salamanders. Part of a series.

By Chris Wood, 18 Feb 2016


On Nature's Death Row: Alberta's Coveted Foothills Forest

After a century of occupation, this once mighty-mosaic of woods no longer provides adequate shelter for its 'refugees.' Part of a series.

By Chris Wood, 11 Feb 2016


On Nature's Death Row: Ontario's Vanished 'Carolinian' Forest

It used to stretch from Oshawa to Windsor. Now, development encroaches on the last scraps of a once-great woods. Part of a series.

By Chris Wood, 4 Feb 2016


On Nature's Death Row: It Used to Be BC's 'Eden'

What's left of Vancouver Island's Garry Oak woodland is now a last stop for scores of species. First in a new series.

By Chris Wood, 28 Jan 2016


Voting While Abroad: Tories Would Rather You Didn't

One Canadian's high-stakes journey to cast a ballot in Mexico.

By Chris Wood, 1 Oct 2015


New Tool Links Local Candidates to Housing Policies, and to Voters

Year-long journalism project yields a website dedicated to fixing what's broken in Canada's housing.

By Chris Wood, 23 Sep 2015


A Foot in the Door: An Unaffordable Country's Next Steps

Housing is personal, but some problems go coast-to-coast and demand a national response.

By David P. Ball, Chris Wood and Katie Hyslop, 3 Jul 2015


A Foot in the Door: Canadians on the Housing Brink

Amid national affordability crisis, new series spotlights eight housing-stressed demographics.

By Katie Hyslop, Chris Wood and David P. Ball, 22 Jun 2015


Natural Capital: What Canada Stands to Lose

Worth hundreds of billions, our ecological wealth is endangered. A Tyee Solutions excerpt.

By Chris Wood, 4 Jun 2015


Missing from Canada's Political Debate: Natural Security

25-year review of Canada's eco-stewardship reveals neglect across party stripes.

By Chris Wood, 3 Jun 2015


New BC gold mine exposes gap in federal oversight

By Chris Wood, 31 Jul 2014


Eight Leading Academics Call for Halt to Oilsands

Presenting energy projects as a binary choice has allowed carbon emissions to balloon, they argue.

By Chris Wood, 25 Jun 2014


VIEW: What if Obama's new emissions rule was applied in Canada?

By Chris Wood, 2 Jun 2014


Let's Talk Dirty about Water

Time to spout some Canadian sacrilege: H20 is a commodity -- and markets will help save it.

By Chris Wood, 17 May 2014


Dams Not Eternal in 'DamNation'

Thursday at DOXA, a filmmaker's vow to free North America's captive waterways.

By Chris Wood, 3 May 2014


Seven Steps Back for Canada's Natural Defence

Filling in redacted parts of internal federal emails reveals which enviro threats diplomats won't 'engage' on.

By Chris Wood, 19 Mar 2014


Disasters Foretold in Northern Gateway Danger Zones

Enbridge already knows where, and how much, the proposed pipeline could leak.

By Chris Wood, 18 Sep 2013


VIEW: Weighing two new proposed paths for protecting our water

By Chris Wood, 17 Jul 2013


Water: A Matter of Natural Security

Without it, nothing else matters. Excerpt from new book, 'Down the Drain.'

By Ralph Pentland and Chris Wood, 27 Jun 2013


The Gender-Bending Chemicals in Our Water

Pervasive toxins linked to shortfall in male births. Excerpt from new book, 'Down the Drain.'

By Ralph Pentland and Chris Wood, 17 Jun 2013


Overlooked Epidemic Flows from Canada's Taps

More than 500 doctor and ER visits a day traced to water. Excerpt from new book 'Down the Drain.'

By Ralph Pentland and Chris Wood, 10 Jun 2013


With Liberal win, questions around proposed energy export projects loom

By Chris Wood, 15 May 2013


Five new additions to our BC Liberal newsreel

By Chris Wood, 6 May 2013


BC Liberals: The Newsreel

They've run the province for 12 years. What've they been up to all that time? Here's the recap.

By Chris Wood, 4 May 2013


Tyee reporter wins Asia Pacific fellowship to cover BC copper flow

By Chris Wood, 22 Mar 2013


Not Your Parents' Climate

A US study of more than 1,100 pages catalogues changes already occurring. We boil it down.

By Chris Wood, 4 Feb 2013


Seven Special Places on BC's Central Coast

TYEE LIST #27: Join Tyee Solutions Society's intrepid reporters through highlights of their recent series.

By Chris Wood, 10 Nov 2012


On BC's Central Coast, the Way Forward

Investments in people and their heritage are producing a different sort of modern economy in Bella Bella. Our series concludes.

By Chris Wood, 2 Nov 2012


Coastal People's Past Powers Their Political Future

Here from 'the beginning,' First Nations press for central role developing BC's Central Coast.

By Chris Wood, 1 Nov 2012


Ghosts Towns and Living Defenders: A Coastal Timeline

Scroll through hundreds of years of human drama along BC's Central Coast. Part of this week's series.

By Chris Wood, 31 Oct 2012


The Interactive BC Carbon Map

Possibly the first interactive map of BC's carbon sinks and sources. A Tyee Solutions Society project.

By Hugh Stimson, Christopher Pollon and Chris Wood, 4 Jul 2012


Feds Not Standing on Guard for Canada's Water: Experts

As threats mount, lack of science and legal recourse 'cripple' officials.

By Chris Wood, 15 May 2012


BC gives gas industry violators gentle treatment

By Chris Wood, 17 Nov 2011


On a Misty Sea, a Dark Discovery

His kayak found bobbing with weird cargo, what happened to Richard Carl Mclean? A spooky true story.

By Chris Wood, 30 Oct 2009


How the Carbon Casino Pits Ecologist Against Ecologist

Robert Falls was inspired by the creation of the David Suzuki Foundation. Now he calls it an obstacle to restoring degraded ecosystems.

By Chris Wood, 25 Feb 2009


Canadians, Let's Get Happy

Next PM needs to reinvent how our country measures success.

By Chris Wood, 10 Oct 2008


Temps Are Down, So What's Up with Global Warming?

Why one chilly summer does not a global cooling make.

By Chris Wood, 9 Sep 2008


The Case for Selling Our Water

It flows over borders, and we need to value it properly.

By Chris Wood, 12 Jun 2008


They Don't Want Our Water

Relax. The U.S. isn't about to start draining us dry.

By Chris Wood, 11 Jun 2008


Libs' New Water Policy: Half Full

We're not really serious until we install meters.

By Chris Wood, 10 Jun 2008


The Myth of Canada's Water Abundance

And why Maude Barlow's 'solution' is really a dry hole.

By Chris Wood, 22 Nov 2007


Fraser Valley First Nations on Wrong Side of Dikes

As waters rise, 'city is protected but we're not.' Last in a series.

By Chris Wood, 5 Jun 2007


We Need More Dikes! Or Do We?

Dutch show new way to handle the Fraser.

By Chris Wood, 28 May 2007


Rush Job on Dikes: 'Band-aids'

Thwarting Fraser floods will take 'sustained effort' say experts.

By Chris Wood, 23 May 2007


Global Warming's Threat to BC: Seeking Solutions

Floods and droughts on the radar. Can we adapt?

By Chris Wood, 31 Aug 2006


Pumping Blind

Experts say we're recklessly draining BC's groundwater, heedless of global warming.

By Chris Wood, 24 Aug 2006


Drying up the Okanagan

Thirsty region is 'canary in coal mine' for BC and water.

By Chris Wood, 17 Aug 2006


The Coming Catastrophe

Fail to fortify Fraser dikes, and BC could wake up to a weather nightmare.

By Chris Wood, 10 Aug 2006


Fraser River Will Surge over Dikes, Experts Find

Study predicts 'multiple dike failures.' But government has cut warning system.

By Chris Wood, 10 Aug 2006


Sinking Cash into Water

Mexico, like many governments, can't afford water needs. Private money has big ideas.

By Chris Wood, 24 Mar 2006


Is Water a Commodity or a Right?

Global experiments in saving and selling the resource.

By Chris Wood, 22 Mar 2006


In a Thirsty World, Canada Comes up Empty

How long can we pretend global water woes don't affect us?

By Chris Wood, 21 Mar 2006