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BC's Quest for Carbon Neutrality: Reports from Canada's Climate Policy Frontier

BC Legislature with Quest for Carbon Neutrality series logo

This Tyee Solutions Society series sets out to consider just what B.C.'s four-year-old Climate Action Plan has and hasn't accomplished so far, including what informed observers say deserves rethinking. Veteran journalists Chris Pollon and Tom Barrett take the measure of Carbon Plan support -- or not -- in today's political context; look in on how B.C.'s unique-in-North-America carbon tax is working out; pull back the curtain on the mysterious world of carbon "offsets"; and more.

This series was produced by Tyee Solutions Society (TSS) in collaboration with Tides Canada Initiatives Society. Funding for this series was provided by the Bullitt Foundation and Hospital Employees' Union. All funders sign releases guaranteeing TSS full editorial autonomy. TSS funders and Tides Canada Initiatives neither influence nor endorse the particular content of TSS' reporting. To republish articles from this series, please contact TSS editor Chris Wood here.

This series has been compiled in an easy-to-share special edition PDF. Click here to download a copy.

In This Series



BC's Climate Plan at a Crossroads

Today begins a series on how the province's carbon reduction plans are working, or not.

By Christopher Pollon, 21 Nov 2011


BC Legislature with Quest for Carbon Neutrality series logo

Politics Buffet BC's Carbon Agenda

Premier Clark inherited bold climate policies and strong pressures on all sides. What will she do?

By Tom Barrett, 22 Nov 2011



Has BC's Carbon Tax Worked?

Experts are divided on what the levy has achieved and how it must evolve.

By Christopher Pollon, 23 Nov 2011



Carbon Series Reporters Unravel Complex Knot

Tyee Solutions Society project probes real results of BC's stated climate policies.

By David Beers, 23 Nov 2011


Smoke stack, carbon series

Why BC Isn't Rushing to 'Cap and Trade' Carbon

California beckons with new market for emissions offsets. Will we join soon?

By Christopher Pollon, 28 Nov 2011



Is BC's Public Sector Really 'Carbon Neutral'?

Not everyone's buying the math the government uses to make its claim.

By Tom Barrett, 30 Nov 2011


Solar panels, Admiral Seymour

'Carbon Neutral' Goal Spurs Projects

Whatever its flaws, BC's quest for carbon neutrality is getting some things done in the public sector.

By Tom Barrett, 1 Dec 2011



Why the Pacific Carbon Trust Draws Political Heat

Making hospitals and schools transfer tight dollars to corporations is no easy climate policy to sell.

By Tom Barrett, 5 Dec 2011



Back to Drawing Board for Carbon Neutral Government

As BC Liberals revisit their approach to a carbon neutral public sector, some advice they'll likely get.

By Tom Barrett, 7 Dec 2011



BC's 'Cleaner' Fuel Standard: Reality Check

How a law supposed to require low carbon gasoline and diesel spares the oil sands at the atmosphere's expense.

By Geoff Dembicki, 13 Dec 2011