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Raising the Joshua Generation


Five excerpts from The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada, by Marci McDonald. These stories detail the battle over public school curriculum in British Columbia and the growth of Bible-based schooling in Canada from kindergarten through university.

In This Series


Peter and Murray Corren

British Columbia, Test Bed for Harper's Religious Base

How BC became ground zero in the Christian conservative battle to shift Canada's culture.

By Marci McDonald, 19 Jul 2010


Child reading bible

'When Christ Returns, What Will Things Look Like?'

That's a history class question in one of Canada's fast growing Bible-based schools. Here, there's only one definition of 'family.'

By Marci McDonald, 20 Jul 2010


Paul Faris

Raising the 'Joshua Generation'

Some of the most ardent homeschooling advocates don't just want to shape their kids. They want to reshape Canada.

By Marci McDonald, 21 Jul 2010


Chuck Strahl

Trinity Western University's Long Reach to Ottawa

How a BC Christian junior college grew to be a key provider to Stephen Harper's power structure.

By Marci McDonald, 22 Jul 2010


Laurentian Centre

Inside the Christian Right's Ottawa Finishing School

How the Laurentian Leadership Centre prepares the Joshua generation to take the reins of government.

By Marci McDonald, 23 Jul 2010