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The People's Podium


The People's Podium: pairing beautiful, reader-sourced photographs with glib, Tyee-sourced commentary.

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The People's Podium, Day One

Where we share your latest Olympics photos, name our real winners and losers, and invite you to hand out your own awards and penalties.

By Tyee Staff, 15 Feb 2010


Olympics, Cauldron

The People's Podium, Day Two

Tell us your latest Olympics winners and losers. Ours today include Coun. Jang, street food, tight pants, Coca-Cola and more. Plus, your pix!

By Tyee Staff, 16 Feb 2010


Olympics, Molson Hockey House

The People's Podium Slides Into the Mud

On day three, we salute Ricker and Lepage while sending El Nino to the penalty box. Add your own winners and losers. And check out Tyee readers' photos.

By Tyee Staff, 17 Feb 2010


Stephen Colbert tapes TV show in Vancouver, Canadians meet their mocker

The People's Podium Salutes a Fire Stealer

And tent city sleuths and veggie bikers, but not so much Sochi House or our billion-dollar security forces. Tell us your winners and losers, and don't miss today's readers' photo gallery!

By Tyee Staff, 18 Feb 2010


Olympics, golden girl

The People's Podium Salutes Bike Valets

And Christine Nesbitt, Frances Bula and creative hecklers. Tell us your winners and losers, and post more pix so we can share them!

By Tyee Staff, 19 Feb 2010


Olympics, fan

The People's Podium Salutes Elvis Feisty

And Jon Montgomery but no gold for the stingy Golden Arches! Tell us your winners and losers, have a look at these fine readers' Olympics pix.

By Tyee Staff, 20 Feb 2010


Olympics, Robson Centre

The People's Podium Salutes the Prince of Pot for Hospitality

And rope skippers, too. But Russia gets the penalty box for plagiarizing Science World. Check out reader's latest photos, post your own winners and losers!

By Tyee Staff, 22 Feb 2010


Olympics, Yeti smoking

The People's Podium Salutes Canadian Common Sense

Not to be confused with our medal obsessed media and Russia's ice dance costume designers. Plus: Another great photo gallery by Tyee readers.

By Tyee Staff, 23 Feb 2010


Olympics, globe, earth

The People's Podium Penalizes Olympic Mascot Killers

And laughs it up thanks to Scott Moir and Pravda. Plus: Thanks readers for another amazing batch of photos!

By Tyee Staff, 24 Feb 2010


Olympics, flag guy on bench with trash

The People's Podium Salutes Jumpy Cops

And Rochette, Boyle and champion binners. And you, who keep posting amazing shots to the Tyee Flickr pool.

By Tyee Staff, 25 Feb 2010


Olympics, Mist

The People's Podium Salutes Canadian Women's Superiority

And admires the Canucks' weird medal hat trick. Tell us your winners and losers, and check out more great reader photos.

By Tyee Staff, 26 Feb 2010


Olympics, flag,

The People's Podium Salutes You and Your Photographs

Thanks for the great shots! Sid's was pretty good too! Post a comment and rate these Olympics.

By Tyee Staff, 1 Mar 2010