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Good to Grow: Raising Food in BC's Cities


Photo by Alfred Hermida, shared under a Creative Commons license.

This six-part series explains why the time is ripe for an urban farming revolution in B.C., and who's showing how to bring it about. Supported by a Tyee reader-funded Fellowship for Solutions-oriented Reporting, David Tracey surveys the urban farming landscape of B.C., visits Cuba to learn from that nation's city gardening success story, and explains the utility and benefits of bringing agriculture within our urban boundaries.

In This Series



Good to Grow: A Series Funded by Tyee Readers

David Tracey says the time is ripe for an urban farming revolution in BC.

By David Beers, 18 Aug 2009



Why Urban Farming Is the Future

And why it's good to get a little dirty while helping BC feed itself. First in a series.

By David Tracey, 18 Aug 2009



Replanting the City Farming Movement in BC

Victoria led the way in 1918. Vancouver once had 52,000 Victory Gardens. Today, the idea is sprouting fast again. Second in a reader-funded series.

By David Tracey, 20 Aug 2009



Lots of Food, but for How Long?

BC's home-grown food supply is shrinking. Who's doing it better?

By David Tracey, 25 Aug 2009



Peak Oil? Urban Farms? Cuba's Been There, Done It

What a BC gardener learned by visiting Havana.

By David Tracey, 27 Aug 2009


Harold Steves

Small Farmers: Vital Work, Slim Wages

Changes are needed to ensure a new wave of urban farmers thrives. Fifth in a reader-funded series.

By David Tracey, 1 Sep 2009



Ten Ways to Make BC a Model for Urban Farming

And some tips to help you get growing. Last in a reader-funded series.

By David Tracey, 3 Sep 2009